Written by clara_pink

24 Oct 2011

My wife and i are in our early forties and having started our family early, we now find we have more time alone together as the kids are now older and going places more.

Anyway the other evening we got chatting about the best sex to date when we used to mess around a bit with r friends. we leads to this tale.

Our friends had come round for the evening, both couples being young and with a mortgage to pay,it was easier and cheaper to pick up a few beers from the off licence. Having had a good week we had a lot more to drink than usual!!

As the evening wore on the conversation got ruder, when all off a sudden i suggested a game of strip poker. Everyone was up for it and within a short space off time we were all sitting there naked. At this point i thought what the hell why dont we swap partners, saying a bit of variety is good. We agreed on seperate room and off we went. I couldnt believe my luck within minutes of gettin in our bedroom my mates wife was sucking on my cock. I told her to stop as i knew i wouldnt last long ( our friends had played before but not with us and i was finding the whole thing very arousing). i laid her down on the edge of the bed and started to suck her bald pussy, finger fucking her at the same time. I needed to sample my work and grabbed a condom from the bedside cabinet ( one ground rule we had made before swapping, altho i dont know why as both girls were on the pill), i slipped into her very wet pussy as she played with herself, within minutes she came followed shortly by me. The hole experience was mind blowing, but the drink was not helping and i was unable to get hard again. We sat on the end of the bed and agreed to see how my wife was getting on with B. It was a few moments before however that i had noticed clara disappearing into the loo,hand between her legs!! the bedroom door had been left ajar to see this.

We went into the lounge only to be turned away by Clara, she was on the edge of the settee having her clit sucked, i pulled the door to leaving a small gap to watch. B was wanking himself while sucking my wife's pussy. he stopped pulled her up and laid her back down on the large bean bag we had. he stood above her with his hard on as she opened her legs for him, he then fucked her bareback for the 2nd time!!! I watched from the hall, fucking fantastic viewing, clara grabbed hold of his buttocks as she came. he continued for a few more minutes before emptying his cum into her. I in the meantime was having my cock sucked by his wife who was kneeling down while playing with herself. good evening all round.

That night i spent even longer licking and fingering my wife before slipping my cock into her, awesome feelin sloppy seconds!

This evening did lead to more playful times , but thats another story.

and having had this conversation, we have decided to spice things up again with a few dirty weekends away!