Written by Teflon_Tone

24 Aug 2010


Continued from previously …

I was not due into the clients’ office until late morning but had arranged with Joyce to meet at her place for coffee. I arrived at just after 10 but when her door opened I did a “double take”, she had got younger overnight. I gabbled something about the wrong door to which the young woman started laughing. “You must be mothers’ new English boyfriend. She go to shops but said you would call.” I still had trouble getting words to form correctly but she invited me in and explained that her name was Greta and was 18 years old. I had Joyce down as late 20s but she must be older.

It was then I spotted Greta was wearing just a bathrobe and she noticed me eyeing her up and down. She said she had been shaving her legs and would I mind if she continued. I mumbled something which she assumed was an affirmative, grabbed my hand and tugged me after her. She led me into a bathroom, sat on the toilet seat and continued to shave her lovely “pins”. There was a chair in the corner and I sat down but couldn’t help myself staring. Inevitably her bathrobe fell open giving me unlimited view of a beautiful pussy covered with a stubble of hair growth. Greta caught me looking and said “I normally shave my pussy last and my boyfriend helps me but he’s busy today. Would you help me?” What could I reply?

Soon she had finished her legs I found myself crouched over Greta, who had laid on the floor. I applied shaving gel and gently shaved a most beautiful pussy. “My boyfriend then applies soothing oil. You will find it on the shelf up there” she said pointing to the far wall. I started massaging in the oil trying to apply it to the relevant places only but Greta was soon moaning and made it clear she wanted me to go further. My fingers touched her lips, she moaned louder, and first one finger and then a second probed her waiting pussy. I couldn’t tell whether the wetness came from Greta or from the oil but she sure was moist. “Please fuck me” she pleaded. Who am I to refuse such a request?

Out with my erect penis and straight into her waiting pussy. She screamed for it harder and I obliged; we were going at it “hammer and tongs”. At which point a voice said “I see you’ve met Greta; she’s never been good at resisting an opportunity. I’ll make coffee for when you’ve finished.” It was Joyce and she had put me off my stroke a bit, but Greta screamed out to finish her off. I resumed pummelling her and shortly we orgasmed together.

We cleaned ourselves up and I left Greta getting dressed while I looked for Joyce.

I found her in the kitchen and she gave me a greeting kiss which turned into an exploration of each others mouths. She pulled back and said we could continue this later. She poured me a coffee and asked had I thought what I would wear tonight. I said I had worn my only outfit yesterday so Joyce said I could look in her wardrobe since we were a similar size. I found a beautiful navy shirtwaister dress which buttoned all the way down and decided I would wear that. I said I needed to buy some stockings and would love to look for some new heels. Joyce said we could stop off on the way to the office so we finished our coffees and departed.

Joyce took me to a wonderful shop where I purchased a couple of pairs of navy stockings and some lovely navy 5” Mary Jane stilettos with triple cross straps. We had a slight argument over these. I’ve struggled in heels over 4” but she said I wouldn’t be walking far and with a bit of practice I would be fine.

At the end of the afternoon I returned to my hotel and ate early in the restaurant. I returned to my room to shower and dress to go out. I eased a butt plug in and put on suspender belt, stockings, thong, shirtwaister dress and the new stilettos. I practiced walking up and down my hotel room cursing Joyce. However I did start to get used to them. They had a slight platform so weren’t a too much greater angle than my favourite 4” ones. I grabbed my overcoat and headed out.

When I arrived at Joyce’s the party was already well alive. Unlike the previous evening there were already undressed people enjoying each others bodies on open view.

I was pleased to soon spot Greta and ogled at her beautiful body. She hadn’t bothered with clothes in the conventional sense. Nipple clamps joined by a chain, thong, suspenders, stockings and heels was all she wore. She said she was dying to be fucked and would I like to do the honours. She removed her thong, leant over a sofa and offered herself to me. Off with my dress, down with thong and I had soon thrust my penis into her waiting pussy. However, as seems to be way at Joyce’s party, if you leave an orifice open there is always somebody to make use of it. My butt plug was removed and I felt someone’s penis pushing in my gaping hole. It might have slightly repulsed me but my muscles seemed to involuntarily grip it as it was pulled out and then back in again. I found myself timing my motions out of Greta with the thrust into me to get a more violent affect. Meanwhile a woman had positioned herself on the sofa so that Greta could engorge her mouth on the woman’s pussy. This was too much for me and I climaxed pumping cum deep into Greta for the second time today. Soon after there was a grunt from behind me and I felt a hot stream pulse into my anus. The penis was withdrawn and my butt plug was replaced. As a parting shot I was offered a butt plug to use on Greta.

When the evening wound up Joyce explained that there was no party tomorrow being a Wednesday but her friends wanted me to see some Amsterdam sights so they would see me tomorrow evening. She handed me a bag saying it was an outfit for tomorrow and that there was a note inside explaining more.

To be continued.