Written by rustynuts

6 Mar 2011

You may have read my previous stories and one by Trishalonely about how we met many years ago, and despite her being described by her previous bf as frigid, how we had a hot time together. She also told you we met up again after 30 or so years about 3 years ago.

I wanted her again as soon as I saw her but held out because we are both with partners. Until last night!

She told her man she was going to see an old friend in Leicester, I told my partner that I was on a fishing weekend in Skegness. In fact I am in bed with Trisha right now in a hotel in Chester. She is sleeping next to me, her back towards me, uncovered and naked. Her medium length brown hair tousled. Her shoulders smooth and rounded narrowing down to her waist and then het body widens again to her beautiful rounded bottom. And then those long slim legs.

The years have been kind to her, but I have gained some pounds. I have a hard on just waiting for her to wake.

We agreed to meet here on Friday and see what happened. We met at 7 ish and booked in. We went down to eat and Groans looked me in the eye and said "you sure about this" knowing I had some reservations about cheating. I told her I was and she affirmed that she was too. We ate and talked and laughed. I often put my hand under table to feel her legs and ventured to the very top of her legs. She was dressed in a medium length blue skirt and a white blouse, with a short knitted top over it. I kept "accidentally" brushing against her 34b breasts whenever I could. She also rubbed het slender hands over my legs and once or twice touched my cock through my trousers. The meal ended and we had a couple of drinks at the bar. We kissed each other a few times as we have these past 3 years, but this time I let myself enjoy it fully. Our breathing changed as ee kissed and we knew it was time to go to our room. We took the stairs and stopped to kiss on the way. I touched her bottom and she raised het leg to rub my balls. We got to the room.

Inside we kissed again, so passionately that we could hardly breathe. I made the first move ny sliding the shrug over her shoulders and off. I unbuttoned het blouse while she undid my shirt. I unclipped her front fastening bra and released her tits. Her nipples stood out as if asking to be played with. I duly obliged with my fingers and my mouth. I sucked a whole boob in and she moaned softly. We made our way to the bed and fell onto it. The bed we are in now. We lay side by side kissing and touching each other all over. Her skirt and my trousers came off alng with my boxers. She said she had taken her lacy knickers off in the loo earlier thinking I was going to finger her under the table at dinner. Soon we were carressing one anothers naked bodies urgently and I lowered my head to her pussy. She trims rather than shaves and I loved the feeling of her hairs around my face as I tongued her clit. This was just like the old days.

She let out a little whimper and her body tensed as she had her first orgasm with me in 30 years. She sat up and raised my head to kiss my mouth. We shared the taste of her sex. She said loudly " fuck me like you used to with that fat cock". And she pulled me down on top of her. She was so wet I slid in easily but she gasped asking me to take it slow because of the thickness of my shaft and bell end. I intended to anyway.

Eventually I got right in and true to form was as unpredictable as ever. I thought I would shoot quickly but it went on for ages. We rutted like crazy, she came again but I kept going. She fingered het clit and I sucked her breasts, and the kissing was almost violent. We were abandoned in Passion.

She pulled away and grasped at my balls. She rolled away and put her bum up in the air. I knelt behind her and pushed back into her crack harder than ever. That was it! My whole body tensed, my temples pounded and I shot my semen into her, she pushed back and took it all, whimpering. We fell side by side on the bed.

After about 10th minutes I asked her if she wanted a drink and I made us both one. We were totally naked and very comfortable with it. I went to sit in a chair near the window. The curtains were open and she came over to me. My dick in its flacid state is pretty pathetic really. It almost disappears but I have never had a problem with my lack of length and am very comfortable with it. Anyway that is the state it was in as trisha sat on the floor at my feet, het head resting on my knee, coffers in hand. "Why did we let each other go?" She said. I told her we were too young to realise what we had. She sat for a few minutes then knelt up. Coffee in one hand she played with my limp cock and it immediately hardened, she leaned forward, took a SIP of coffee and wrapped her warm lips around my cock end. She sucked hard and it drove me wild. I took her cup and put it down. I gathered her hair and gently pushed her head onto my shaft. She rose and fell onto it rhythmically whilst squeezing my nuts, which were tightening. She got into a position where she could look inyo my eyes and kept eye contact as she performed her magic. Eventually I came in her soft mouth and as I did she gently bit into my cock and scratched her nails over my balls. I pulled her up and ee kissed and shared my spunk.

We went to the en suite and watched each other piss, it was so horny peeing in front of her that I got hard again and tit fucked her on the toilet, coming all over her tits and neck. I licked some off and fed her the rest.

There is loads more to tell but she is waking and I am rock hard. She said she wants anal today and that will be a first for us. She also says she is going to put her version of our weekend on here.

Anyhow I have to go because she just pushed her arse back towards my had knob. Got to make the most of it before we head home this afternoon.