Written by jdj

18 Sep 2013

We been married a long time every thing was fine till I last my job over a year ago then things got tight with money it put a real strain on every thing including us always rowing and so on, it lead to us almost splitting up, with out going into that to much we have but still live together in the same house, Fay had found a job I am still looking for full time work, with what she gets and my little benefit we can jest keep the house we had a bit put by that almost gone

Fay now sleeps in our room I am in a spear its been like that for about ten months now we still talk we have to, things like we had two cars but only now hove one on the road she use it mostly for her work

It was a few months ago I did fine temporary work on nights a shit job but it payed cash so that's our situation not a happy one

I always thought when things got better we be okay, Fay never been one for going out alone with out me but that's some thing she started doing I question her where she been and was told its her business, at first it was the odd times but it got more regular after she got a job she was never that late home so I thought it was girls night out

When I started my job working nights which was working when I was needed and it could be any time hours some times going at six and getting home seven in the morning or it could be in at ten home by three I never knew

It was about then Fay started questing me when would I be working well I say I am going in at what ever, at work they started getting rid of people one night they said to me they need a word I thought its me now but no I was told a lot of the other where going and I was staying it be long hours but regular I told Fay she was pleased we could see a way out of our problems I thought, how wrong I was, it was Fay would know where I was she was pleased about I had no idea what she was getting up to

So I started my longer shifts, starting at Six till mostly six or seven time went on we had more money, all was fine till one night things went wrong at work I got sent home about one in the morning,I let myself in quietly not wanting to wake Fay up thing quite normal got a cup of tea and went in the front room now our bedroom is over the lounge

There was a knocking noise above me a tap to start with which became a fast banging I wouldn't of noticed it if I had put the telly on, Christ what the hell is that I thought

Thinking it maybe the pluming doing it I went into the hallway and couldn't hear it

So I made my way upstairs it wasn't till I got on the landing I could hear it, it seemed to be coming from our bedroom there was also a chink of light where the door wasn't closed fully why would my wife sleep with the light on, thinking she fell asleep with it on I pushed the door open to switch it off as I did the noise was louder

I wan't prepared at all for what I would see in the room, I had stepped into the room at first it didn't register what I was looking at

It didn't make scenes my wife was sitting up right rocking herself backwards and foreword from her hips at speed quite a rate the tapping banging was the bed on the wall it also

creaked there was slight squeak as well, trying to figure out what was going on

Fay had her back to me it was strange I could see the soles of her feet as she knelt but there where two more further down the bed at first I didn't relies she was sitting on some one straddling them, she moaned and panted as her movements became more urgent

It then started to dawn on me what was going on,she was riding a bloke she had impaled herself on his cock he was out of sight,Fay was now gasping I herd her cry out OH MY GOD OH MY GOD her head went back she leaned back letting out YESSSSS then fell forward over him, he then took over bucking like mad under her she made noises and keep gasping her body was shaking he started to grunt then lifter up jerking himself there movements stopped Fay laying on top of him both I think panting getting there breath back

It wasn't till Fay rolled off him did they see me she look I think she needed a second take she almost screamed it hard to understand what panic set in the guy sat up and looked at me he then jumped of the bed saying sorry mate picking his closes up he rushed past me I would thing out the house Fay was now going mad at me saying what the fuck are you doing here what happened next I may tell you later