Written by jdj

20 Sep 2013

As I told you I came home unexpected and court my wife Fay in bed having sex with a bloke

There was all hell let loose after that rows shouting for the rest of the week I thought it be the end of us as a couple, things calmed down by the weekend I think we both realized this was going no ware but divorce if we carried on, also we really needed to talk like adults what had got me was she tried to put a lot of the blame on me

We couldn't afford to split up also Fay worried about the kids and what people would say she knew it it happened I be telling every one I had court her fucking a bloke in our bed she didn't want the embarrassment

It was the Saturday morning I could see a change in Fay she was not on the defensive,it was her that wanted to talk she even said sorry about what happened with out getting to mixed up in what was said, it seemed it was her boss fucking her she explained she had poured her hart out to him some weeks before when she was really down about us and the situation we where in, I pointed out since then I was working so why?

Well she confessed that wasn't the first time it had happen before a few times she said he been trying to get in her knickers since she started there and what he did was offer a pay rise then wanted to take her out she had told him I was then working nights so he knew she could get out with out much of problem and there was no excuse, so she did jest a meal the first time he started coming on to her she didn't want to know to start with

The next day some said they may get rid of some from the office that after noon he called he into his office and said the same thing as if it be her also asked her out again she not got much choice but to except, this time he started to grope her in his car it was now snogging she let him touch her up he played with her tits and fingered her Fay said it was a long time since we had sex she cum on his fingers and he knew it

So he thought he found a horny bitch, I would of said he be wrong Fay has never been that

He wanted to see her more and more there petting move on she start to give him a wank at this point I said I bet his hung like horse she poured before saying almost and looked very hard at me for a reaction I didn't give one the wanking went to doing blow jobs some thing she never been keen on, she told me one night in his car on the back seat she had her pants off her bra pulled up both breasts out he had got her to suck his dick this time he stopped her before he cum, he then went down on her and god did he get her horny, he was between her legs when he sat up she knew what he was going to do she said no but it didn't stop him she told me he held her back with one arm his cock in his other hand she struggled but he got it in her and she never felt any thing like in her life it did things to her she climaxed before he was right in, I asked it was the size she said yes

He fuck her like mad not for long she knew he was about to cum she said I was telling to take it out he didn't he fucked her harder and faster he the gasped as he shot his lot inside her, I said but you are unprotected she said I know I was I said fuck he could knock you up peregrinate you did he use any thing the other night Fay looked at me and replayed no adding I am on the pill now, she could see I was going to say some thing she went on I had to go on it to be safe and you wouldn't want me up the stick I did it for us, she went on to tell me she has been seeing him two or three times a week since I been on nights and he fucks her in our bed now I was shocked by this confession a bit lost for words

I needed a bit of time to think I wondered why she told me all this the details, if she said sorry and said its all over never do it again and let me ride her well I would of most likely been happy, it was a bit later I got the reason, she didn't want to give him up once I knew about him she must of thought this be a way of getting round me she need a way to tell me, we did fuck like rabbits after that and I moved back to our bed she still not mentioned she wanted see him a week of so later Fay said I need to see Paul that's his name I asked why his at work she said yes but I want to tell him in privet that we back together,I agreed in the end so one evening she went to meet him as she said jest to talk she left at seven and came in at one, as soon as she walked in I knew she been fucked the look on her face,I started to lose it saying jest talk she said sorry I couldn't help it, if I had of worked that night she got away with it

The wrist things I won't to fuck her after him, I almost dragged her upstairs I dropped my trousers pulled her skirt up ripped her pants off, my cock sank into her pussy it felt loose and sloppy I banger her as hard as I could till my spunk jetted into her

Fay was a bit shocked by what I did all the same seem to enjoy it, I was still angry and told no more lies the truth from now on you went out to shag him didn't you she admitted she did so why not say, you may of said no, or I may of said yes ask that was the start of some thing new with us we came together a lot more and it was the start of where we are today