18 Mar 2018

Well I was properly caught out trying take some selfies last week

I headed out five night ago to leave my old knickers, stockings etc as I wanted to do it dressed up, so headed to Layby on way home

I got changed about 6ish early evening and dusk in a Layby I had put on my seamed black stockings, white suspender belt, white French knickers and on top of them I put a lovely Lacey pink pair still French so nice a big, by wearing the both pairs it keeps my erection under control a bit as the under pair are not so satin but still very sexy then my white lacy bra, white camisole, cars and trucks were going by but as was dusk they couldn’t really see.

I then put on red mesh see through top, bobbed wig, then my tight leather skirt, knee boots then the favourite bit my make up. Then I thought wow look pretty good, so I got my camera out and thought a couple of selfies whilst sat in car, the flash was illuminating me fairish, with that a truck pulled in behind but couldn’t park, so I pulled forward for him, he flashed his lights to thank me, I sat there nervously for a few mins but when all seemed quiet I took another piccy of my short leather skirt and stockings in driving pose, with that I heard a tap on passenger window and a man was stood there, I was startled and covered up, but on passenger seat was stockings, panties etc, I wound window down and he said thanks for pulling forward, I said ugh ok no problem sorry I was blocking, he said wow you look sexy, I said agh thank you, he then left I was sat there all excited and nervous and wish he never left, I composed myself as I wanted to get out and take some piccys but couldn’t as I was sure my truck friend was watching from in his truck behind, after a couple of mins I took another selfie and almost immediately, there was a tap on drivers window, it was my truck friend again, he said is it safe to park here, I said I don’t know as I’m not from around here, he said can I ask what your doing, I said sorry, I like dressing up and taking piccys, he then flabbergasted me by saying would you like me to take some for you, wow I said are you sure you don’t mind, he said no not at all, let me lock my truck up first, blimey I was now extremely nervous, I quickly applied some more lippy, brushed my hair and got my camera.

,y truck friend was behind in his cab, whilst I got out of my car, it was now pretty dark, my only concern was the flash would illuminate us and passing cars would seeand may potentially be a cop car, then what would happen, anyway by now my truck friend had come round to the passenger side of the truck where I was stood, right he said where would you like them taken, I said over the style into the woods would be nice but I’m worried it’s very boggy, he was such a gent and said let me check, he came back and said yes way to boggy.

I said I’d luv to take some here by your lorry but am worried about the flash and other motorists seeing, he said yeh true, why don’t we take some in my cab, I was t expecting this, I sai um I don’t know I’m very nervous, he said don’t be, I won’t take any you don’t want me to, why don’t you just have a look and see what you think, so I said ok, although I was very nervous plus I luv taking the piccys out in the open, my truck friend opened passenger door and held it open for me, I said thank you and put my hand on a hand rail and put my knee length boot on to the first step, I then tried to put my 2nd leg up on to next step but I couldn’t as my skirt was to tight, I mentioned this to my truck friend who said well you’ll have to hitch it up, I said no that’s too naughty, he said I’ll go around other side so as not to peek up up your skirt although I would luv to, I said thank you, but secretly wished he stayed and watched as I lifted my skirt up as it was so tight fitting leaving my seamed stockings and stocking tops on full show plus my pantie clad bottom, if he had stayed he could have had a great eyeful and even a little grope, sorry that’s naughty to.

I was now up in his truck wow was it huge inside, I quickly pulled my skirt down as my truck friend was sat in his seat watching, he said very nice, I apologised, he said pls don’t be sorry. He had pulled the curtains completely around the cab so no one could see in.

I sat in the passenger seat and crossed my legs, he said let me have the camera then so I handed it to him, he said ok what poses would you like, I said a couple of me sat here would be nice, so he did, then he said why don’t you turn to face me and cross and uncross your legs but slowly, so as I may get a glimpse of your panties or stocking tops, so I did as I was told, blimey this was getting me very horny, he then said why don’t I put the passenger seat up and then you can do a couple of standing poses, he then came over and lifted seat up but at same time his arm brushed the front of my skirt and it lingered there, he said seems like this is turning you on as your getting excited down there, I said I’m sorry, yes I am, aren’t you, he said bloody right I am, now why don’t you lift the hem of your lovely leather skirt and show me your stocking tops, so I did, he then said now turn around and put your elbows on the seat and door frame exposing your bottom and seamed stockings.

I just found myself agreeing and doing as asked, as I bent forward and leaned against window, half of me wished the curtains weren’t around and someone was watching us, naughty I know, he said lovely now lift your skirt or take it off and show me your lovely panties, so I took it off as I did this and he said lovely, now slip the one pair down again I did so, the pink satin pair were around my thighs now, he said wow that’s so sexy, can I just have a quick feel as well as taking photos, part payment if you like he said, ok I replied, these feel lovely, I was now bent right over as he stroked and felt my bottom, he asked me to take the white Big French knickers down now, I said no I don’t want to and turned around, he was now sat on the edge of his bunk, I felt as though I was totally exposed so for some reason I knelt down but not in front of him, he said my your cock looks hard can I have a feel pls, I said no that’s not part of the deal, he said but I’ve had no payment, so I said ok then he leaned forward and rubbed it through my panties and then took it out, wow that’s a lovely cock, would you like to see mine, I said ok, so with that he stood up and took it out taking his shirt off and dropping his trousers and boxers, wow it was big but not hard, he said pls can you get it hard and he manoeuvred himself so he was stood right in front of me and his cock was right in front of my face, he was openly wanking it, so I took over and took hold of it and started pulling the foreskin back and forth, he was moaning and still taking pictures.

He then said why don’t you let those bright red lips give it a kiss on the end as that will make it incredibly hard, I can’t believe it but I did just that, sure enough it did get harder and I was now openly wanting it on my own right in front of my mouth, he said go on open those lips pls, part of payment come on, so I looked up from on my knees in front of him and opened my mouth wow, he didn’t give me chance to Close it and he shoved it in as far as he could it made me gag and pull off, sorry he said but that was great pls do it at your own pace, lick the end as there’s pre cum on there, I did so then opened and put my mouth over it, it felt all lovely and hard to describe, he then said keep going and look up so I can take another piccy, he then said let me cum in your mouth and all over your face pls, that will be final payment, so he took over wanking his cock right in my face, keep looking up and get that mouth open as I’m cumming, I couldn’t believe it here I am, in a public Layby, in a truckers cab on my knees in stockings, suspenders, knickers down around my thighs, full make up and about to receive a mouthful and face full of cum for payment for taking photos of myself, here it comes he said and put his one hand on the back of my head and pulled it on to his cock then the other hand as well on my bobbed head and continued to pump semen into my mouth, I pulled out and he finished off all over my face covering my make up, whilst also wiping it against my lips, fucking hell he said that was gorgeous, let me take a couple more photos of your spunk covered face, wow that was unreal, I stood up and pulled my knickers up, my I felt a right dirty lady but also incredibly satisfied that I’d made him cum, I found my skirt and went to put it on, but he said no wait don’t put it on, I said why not, he said as you will luv the feeling of stepping down out of my truck with no skirt on plus walking back to your car fully exposed, I said no way, he said go on pls, look if you feel to vulnerable you can always put it back on, I didn’t know what to do, he said look you struggled to get in with it on, so I said oh ok.

My truck friend then opened the door slightly handed me my camera and said let me just check the coast is clear, he looked and said no there’s a car pulled in between your car and my truck and it wasn’t there before, I said ok I’ll wait, he said actually I’m teasing your ok, so I said ok thanks and started to climb down, he told me to go down backwards as it’s safer, he said wish I was down their as I could have a lovely view, I said I think you done ok, he laughed and said thank you. As I got down and it was a long way I pushed the door shut with skirt in hand, I then noticed he wasn’t teasing and there was car between us, bloody hell here I am dressed in boots, stockings, suspenders, knickers and red mesh blouse plus a face covered in smeared make up with a truckers semen all over it, I now noticed the driver of the car looking, the lorry door must have made him look, what do I do?

I needed to get to my car, so I brazenly walked up past his car and don’t ask me why, but I stopped by his passenger window and looked at him, he was openly playing with himself, I couldn’t see much as it was dark but I could definitely make out that’s what he was doing, he wound down the window and said bloody hell would you finish me off, I said I’m really sorry and pointed to my face and said your half an hour to late, that naughty trucker beat you to it, enjoy your evening, as I walked off and across the front of his car fully letting him see me dressed like this, as I got to my car door I looked back and my truck friend was looking and smiling, he flashed his lights at me so I smiled and got in my car, the car behind lashed his lights, but I couldn’t believe what I’d just done and quickly put my seat belt on and drove off, I needed to find somewhere quiet to change and clean up, I knew Strensham services were just down the road so I would pull in far car park and clean up xx

This was a superb night and completely unplanned xx