Written by old dog

4 Mar 2008

this story starts a couple of years ago when my wife and I came back from holiday.We were travelling back to the south coast from the north of england and stopped at a pub for lunch.By the time we left Jane was quite \"merry\" and horny!

She gave me a long kiss and and my cock a quick rub in the car park before we set off again.We joined the motorway and I was aware that Jane had reclined her seat,but as the road was busy I assumed she was settling for a doze.

After passing the city the traffic thined a bit and Jane asked me if I liked the veiw.I thought it a bit odd until I glanced accross to see her legs spread wide,skirt round her waist and her fingers busy in her panties!How long she\'d been playing with herself I don\'nt know but when I reached over and touched the inside of her thigh she moaned softly.A sure sign that she was well aroused.I remarked that it was good but it would be even better if she took off her panties!Jane slipped them off and I watched as she slid a finger between the puffy,wet lips of her fanny.

Now it occurred to me if I was enjoying the view that others might like it as well.The traffic was quite light but there were several large lorrys up ahead.I pulled along side and could see the drivers face in his mirror.He became aware of our vehicle and I closed up so that all he had to do was look straight down at my wife as she fingered herself to an orgasm.Luckly Jane had her eyes closed until I told her that she had an audience.As I spoke she opened her eyes to see the trucker gazing lustfuly at her as she rubbed her clit with one hand and finger fucked herself with the other.My wife let out a loud moan and arched her back as she came, almost crying with the intensity of her orgasm.

I accelerated away to the sound of his horn and a flash of headlights.Jane called me a bastard and demanded we find somewhere to stop and fuck!

Since then we often do this to break the tedium of motorway journeys.My wife has what she calls her \"travelling clothes\",a very short skirt and a zip top!So keep an eye out for a green people carrier and you might get lucky.