Written by joyce

5 Jul 2008

Those of you that have seen my other postings will know I work at my husbands eng firm, this was something that happened last summer. It was one of the first really warm days there wasn\'t much happening at the office so I thought I go home at lunchtime and take in the rays in the garden, when i spoke to B he said he had to go see a customer at 3.00 so I\'d have to stay, ok I\'am going to sunbathe in the yard give me a should before you go. We have a yard that is not overlooked but it is a sun trap at midday I keep a lounger for these occasions so I went and got it out checking it was ok as it was the first use of it since the previous summer I found a spot in the yard and went back to my office to have my lunch before going out. Before going out I decided to strip of to my pants as the yard is not that tidy not the place to be taking stockings and other thing of so with my book and a drink I went to sunbathe taking my shoes and pants of I lay down with the back raised slightley I couldn\'t be seen from behind.

After about 10mins I heard the sound of a truck and that unmastakeable bleaping sound of it reversing then the bell ring, 2mins later the bell rings again I thought they\'ll all in the canteen or sat on the wall at the front so waited a min or so then leaned my head round and shouted do you want something signing for, yes but it\'s a pallet, just a minute, I reached down for my pants couldn\'t feel them looking down they\'d blown of my shoes and found the only patch of oil for yards so on with my shoes and brave it after all I love showing of my body. The drivers face was a picture as I walked towards him naked then I got the keys out of the draw and climbed on the fork truck as I started to unload the pallet he said this is a first what never had a women unload you before, yes but not naked. He got the paperwork from his cab and his phone can I take a photo the lads at the depot won\'t believe me ok I turned slightley so he could get a veiw of my pussy. Ken arrived sorry I had a great hand had to finish the game do want me take a photo for you Bill you can feel her tits or stick a finger up her while she signs your note, he didn\'t need asking twice he was beaming as ken took a pic of me signing his note while he had hold of 1 of my tits and 2 fingers up my pussy. Bill said how do you work seeing that ken, seen it hundreds of times before Bill in fact I\'ve fucked it hundreds of times this is Joyce the works Slut Bill now noticed my signature