Written by Surreyhantsguy

22 Aug 2012

Being very Bi I am finding annual 6 week break a bit of a nightmare and travelling around with the family in France did not help my desire for cock.

I had one window of opportunity, after dropping the inlaws back at the airport i had a drive alone back to our digs.

The thought crossed my mind about the "Aire's" the French truck stops, would I get lucky?

I pulled into a large stop with no services just around 20 or so lorries a landscapped area and a toilet in the centre, I parked up and all seemed quite a few lights on in the cabs and no other cars.

It was hot 30 degrees and very dark around 9.20, i had shorts and a T shirt on and nothing else, i undid the button on my shorts so they showed off my bum and got out the car.

I moved in and around the cabs and after a while I noticed a guy looking at me through the dim light in his cab, i moved towards his cab and rubbed my cock and lowered my shorts even further, in rely the light in his cab flicked on and off.

I moved close to his cab and saw the door open, i look in and saw this massive French Trucker, 6 2 with big arms and a big belly, rough as hell but wanking a massive cock.

I nearly ran he look fierce but his cock was amazing and i felt my bum ache, instead of running all i did was turn and show him my bum so he would know what I wanted.

I looked at him and walked off to the wooded area, as i did i turned and saw him get out of his cab, he stopped and knocked on the cab next to him, so French was spoken and i saw another guy get out, to my dissapointment they moved off in the other direction and I was left standing in the woods alone.