Written by doorman

5 May 2009

I was working the door at a truckfest this weekend in peterbrough. Normal sorts of people, germans, northeners, travlers, fairground people and loads of other strange people lol.

We got to about 10,pm and about 2000 went thru the door. i made a comment to a fellow doorman that the women where nothing special and not seen a shagable bird yet.

Stop the press, as i was talking a woman walked towards me she was the dogs bollocks, brown curly hair, nice big tits and a little frame. tight jeans and a white blouse that was held together with a white lace. fucking sexy as hell. she smiled as she was passing so i smiled back. she must have seen my face and then my tongue fall out as she passed me.

I gave her about 10 seconds then turned round to watch her walk away, only she was standing not that faraway from me with a big smile on her face saying " what you fucking looking at" and laughing, she was a irish girl with a southen accent, which made my cock start to stir even more.

I was nailed so i just said " you of course" and winked at her and turned back to my door.

About half hour later she came back out moaning about the heat, we had about 3500 bodies in there dancing and drinking having a good time. I said to her are you having a good time, she replied it could be better and wlaked away again towards the food area. I was watching her ass walk away, man i would love to bite that i was thinking.

She came back with a bag of chips and stood close by eating. she offered me a chip which i took and said thanks, then i said someones else chips always taste better dont you think. she said of course they do and bumped me with her hip. I said who are you here with, she said her brother and her boyfriend. i said where are they, she said pissed out of their minds in the tent.

She said your a nosey bastard asking all these questions. she was finishing hte chips and placing the wrapper in the bin. as she passed me she winked and said do you have a brake, yes i said anytime i just get someone else to cover me. She said take one in about 15 minutes i will be over there in the car park area.

Fuck me i was either going to get a kicking from a couple of blokes or a grope with this sexy bird. fuck it i would have a fight later at closeing time anyway so what the fuck.

I went for a brake and walked over to the car park, saw nothing so walked about for about 5 minutes, then i saw her standing up against this van. she had changed into a small jean skirt and the same top as before, she looked so horny. as i walked up to her i could see from her face this was not going to be a fight but a little bit of fun.

I got hold of her and kissed her on the mouth and pulled her to me she she tasted so nice and was a fucking good snog. my hands wwere all over her as was hers, she was rubbing my cock and breathing heavy. i pushe my leg between hers forcing them apart just a little to see how far i was going to get, she did nothing to stop me. i was playing with her tits and biteing her neck she was loving it, so was i.

Her little skirt was hitching it's self higher and higher as i pushed her legs a little wider, i stroked the front of her thighs and grabbed her arse which was very firm, then back to her pussy, she let out this little moan as a probed her with my finger agaisnt her thong. she was so wet and i could feel my cock getting sticky and it was fully erect now and i was pushing it against her.

Then i slide a finger in her as she held on to me, she garsped and whimperd and was breathing very heavy. I niow had 2 fingers up her she was very small inside so i was careful not to hurt her. after a little while of fingering her and she had cum at least 3 times, i took my fingers out and tasted her juice, she was so sweet. I gave her some to taste and she took my fingers in her mouth and cleaned the rest of. I undid my zip and she was searching for my cock in my shorts, she found it and pulled it out, as she was doing this she pushed me up to the van and dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, fuck could she suck a cock, she was squeezing my balls and it was not long i cam in her mouth she took all of it, not a drop down her chin or on my combats, good girl. she stood up and she smiled at me and said that after work she would be waiting for me if she could same place. she kissed me on the cheek and said she wanted my cock inside her later..........come back for the end, it was funny and sexy