Written by ken

20 May 2012

MY wife has cuckolded me for last 26 yrs now, during this time she has had hundreds of lovers an boy/man friends, including her boss, and her previous boss, manager of the hotel she works at, the current manager she has fucked for 17 yrs and prior to that the previous manager for 8 yrs. He believed until 4 yrs ago that she was cheating on me and one night he ended out catching me watching him fucking her at home.

As a result of him discovering this it has led to him sharing her as well which I find extremely arousing knowing she is being shared by him, and her telling him everything, and returning to him after resulting in me getting her doubly used cunt after.

He has shared her with two doormen and another couple of hotel employees as well as hundreds of resident guests staying there letting her use the hotel rooms to entertain others she meets that do not have overnight rooms.

Over the last ten yrs her sexual appetite has gone overboard and she is a nyphomaniac lover, dressing in the sort of clothes that are my favourite, heels, stockings short dresses worn knickerless, her shaved cunt sends me wild when I see her preparing her self 3-4 nights a week knowing she is going to fuck someone else, and her boss (Kevin) will be sampling her delightful sloppy cunt before she returns to me doubly used and with his cum mixed with that of her previous date.