Written by TerrificTerry

23 Feb 2015

We (my wife and i) have been members on here for about a week.

Its been a long time coming, we had logged onto here using my own single male account, numerous times over the past 2 or 3 years.

Years ago, in a former life (before marriage) and with a former partner, i had taken part in some very light swinging. All of which was sort of pressed on me, i didn't like the idea of it, but once i tried it, i knew i would grow to like it.

Its important to stress that at the time of this taken place, the current girlfriend was no more than a bit of fun, there was nothing serious ever going to come of it, we knew from the start, it was just fun. She was in fact my boss, a few drunken nights on the tiles, amounted to us taking it one step too far, and then 2 steps, followed by a few miles. It was her secret life of swinging that surprised, i suppose there is no way of telling.

Fast forward to that phase in a relationship (with the now wife) where you tell each other everything, including the swinging former boss. There was a short while when i thought i had told too much. Anyways, there was a few laugh and giggles about it, and that was it. I am sure there was probably more to her history that she let on, but that's what is, history.

7 years after, and approx 3 years ago, we are settled into our own first home, and things are going well, the sex was great, and no sign of it fading it away or becoming boring. As it often was, the subject of me swinging with my old boss was brought up during sex, mainly when she was performing on me. It turned her on, talking dirty to me whilst she was sucking on me, i cant lie, it was amazing.

As much as i thought i would like to try the whole swinging thing again, this time it was different, this was soon to be my wife, and fantasy i wanted it to stay. The thought of performing with someone else, or here and someone else was not the same, there were feelings involved.

Over the past few years, we logged in with an old account of mine, mainly to look in the chat room, read stories, look through the forums, get turned on, then go at it all night long.

Her fantasy, was not to sleep with another man, but to watch me with another woman, i was not comfortable with it at all, at the time i knew i would be feeling as though i was betraying her, even with her there watching.

It became more and more of a fantasy up until a week or so ago, when we opened our own account on here, and decided that we would dip our toes in the water, with some same room, non swapping fun. This was a compromise more than anything else, one that i was happy with.

It took a whole 2 days to find a suitable couple, mid 30's and reasonably local. We invited them over to our house, and had a few drinks, we ordered in some food, and just had a really decent evening, as you would with any friends.

We decided to meet again, and we did 2 nights later.

This time it was different, we knew, we were about to have sex in front of another couple, i was comfortable with it, my wife was as nervous as they come.

Karen, my wife, is a nice shapely size 12, shapely in a nice way, all in proportion, and has a lovely shaven pussy, which is always wet and tastes so good. Our friends who lets say, are a bit more hardened swingers wasted not in suggesting we hit the bedroom. We did and when we got there, they had their clothes off before i could light the candles and turn out the light. Seeing them naked, was a bit of a shock, he was hung, more than me, and i am reasonably sized.

They wasted not time in descending to the throws of a very rugged blow job, Karen stood there watching, at this point i thought she was about to have second thoughts, when she slipped off her clothes, and dropped to her knees, pulling down my trousers and taking in my cock.

On numerous occasions i caught her eyes wandering across the room, watching our guests having fun, the pair of them completely caught up in their own fun. I lifted my wife up, slid her onto the bed and worked away on her fully erect and stiffening nipples. I could see she was more and more excited, and soon i could feel how excited she was, as i brushed the tips of my fingers across her clit.

I love teasing her clit and pussy entrance, grazing across them slowly and every couple of seconds pressing hard against her opening, feeling her wetness. It was not long before out guests joined us on the bed.

Gemma, was in shape, nice tight figure, not bad for a female in her late 30's especially after children, my mind was racing, i said i didn't want to, but i really wanted to fuck her, in the moment my thoughts were a whole lot different. I proceeded on going down on Karen, her hips only inches away from Gemma's, i had a perfect view of both pussies, both looked very inviting. As i am licking my wifes extremely wet pussy, and also Alan licking Gemmas, i notice both woman are kissing. This was a complete shock to me, and looked completely initiated by our visitor. Seeing my wife kissing another woman was amazing, and i licked away until she came. I stepped back from the bed, to take a clearer look, it was fascinating, her hands running all over Gemmas ample tits. It didnt take long before Gemma was rubbing the clit of my wife, and bringing her to her second orgasm. Here we took a break, Karen somewhat breaking the mood and wanting to have a drink. I went downstairs and left our guests playing, i sensed there was a problem, the problem was she wanted to go further. Not overly keen on it initially i asked her what she wanted, she wanted me to fuck Gemma, and her to fuck Alan. I was not happy with this, i couldnt do it. She was desperate though, and only on one condition. We do it in separate rooms. To say i was taken aback was no understatement, a complete shock to me. I didnt know what to say, she wanted it so bad i couldn't say no.

So it was set then, my wife went upstairs, and asked Gemma to come down. She came down, it was awkward to start, i tried to explain that i didnt know this was going to happen, funny thing is, they did. Everyone was in on it, apart from me.

Gemma, came over and started kissing me, wanking on my cock, and pushed me to the sofa, she fell to her knees and started sucking on me in the same ferocious manner i had witnessed only a few minutes ago. I pulled her up, and lay back, asked her to come and sit on my face, a nice 69 position ensued. During this, i could hear upstairs the dull towns of my wife moaning, Alan had wasted no time at all in fucking my wife, i couldnt concentrate, the feelings of anger where overpowering me, i know this is what she wanted, but i couldnt take it anymore, i had to see what was happening upstairs. I bent over Gemma, and gave her the quickest and hardest fuck i have given anyone, cumming deep inside her, she slumped to the sofa and told me how she loved it like that, which was a good job really.

Upstairs i went, the noises from the bedroom that my wife was making were mindblowing, i stopped short of the bedroom, and looked around the door frame. There she was bent over taking it from behind, not hard, but deep. Alan's hands firmly holding her hips as he pushed into her. I didnt think i would like this, seeing the one you love, with another man. I did though.

As i was watching up came Gemma, she turned me around, and told me to watch, she said i would enjoy it. I watched, and Gemma went down on me, sucking on my now rock hard cock.

Karen looked around, and she had caught me watching, she shouted me into the room, and told me to lie next to her. Which i did, she lay on her back, and Alan pinned back her legs, the sight of his thick cock pushing in and out of my wifes pussy was amazing, i could see he was about to cum, when he pulled out and shot a streak of cum all over my wifes stomach. It only took a few seconds for Gemma to make sure she got every last drop out of her husbands cock. There was a short period of awkwardness, and then a passionate kiss from my wife. Our guests got dressed, and went downstairs to pour a drink. My wife apologized, there was no need to, i felt her pussy, it was so wet and stretched, i played with her clit, and tasted her. She tasted so much better. One thing i learnt very quickly was hearing your wife moan and tasting your wifes pussy after another man is much more hornier than just a fling from years gone by.

Needless to say, that night after our guests left, we had great sex, which didnt last long, but the memories will. I dont know if we will go again, i am pretty sure we will.