26 Dec 2017

This happened at least 10 years ago as you will notice by a telephone box in the story, I had been driving dressed quite a few times, but tonight was going to be another first after an unexpected turn of events, completely unplanned, Well I was driving from Gordano Services area on the M5 heading home a few weeks ago, it was about 8.45 and getting dark, I'd had a long day and was feeling tired and thought to keep me fresh and wide awake ! I would stop at next services and get my bag out of the boot and select a few items and then nip into the services toilets and change, well this got me excited and soon enough I saw a sign for Strensham Services so I pulled in and found a parking spot but not amongst the first couple of rows, one of the rows about 4 back that was nice and quiet, I got my bag out of the boot and selected some items that I could put on underneath my suit without to much fuss, so I chose my black stockings, white suspender belt, white French satin knickers, red bra.

I entered the end cubicle hung up my shirt and jacket, put my bra on then put shirt back on, then took my trousers and boxers down round my ankles and sat on toilet seat so as if anyone looked underneath it wouldn't look strange, I then got my legs out of my shoes, socks, trousers and boxers and pulled my stockings up my legs, I had to stand to do this so I was as quick as I could be as my hear was pounding, once on I sat back down, attached suspender belt my hands were shaking as I clipped them to the stockings, I then pulled the knickers on they felt tremendous, I noticed then that there was a little hole in the partition, my heart skipped a beat but fortunately no one was there so I quickly stopped loving the sensation and put my trousers, socks and shoes back on and my jacket. I then nervously opened the door but no one was there, so I headed back to the safety of my car.

Once inside I checked no one was to close or looking my way, there was just a man picking up rubbish 2 rows away, so I took off my shoes, socks and trousers and pulled up a nice cream mini skirt on followed by knee length boots, then took jacket and quickly took shirt off at same time and pulled a white blouse on before any one could see, I then put some old stockings in my bra cups, added my brunette bobbed wig, I was sure someone was watching but by now wasn't too bothered as I was so excited, I needn't have worried as I couldn't see anyone only the chap still picking the rubbish up although he didn't seem to be moving away, I then added a necklace and my foundation and blusher, then some lovely bright red lipstick with gloss. I checked myself in the mirror and thought not bad!.

I wanted to step out of the car just to straighten myself up a bit and probably to see if the rubbish chap would notice me as he was only 1 row away, I got out and of course my interior light came on his head looked in my direction straight away but I pretended I hadn't seen him and purposely turned my back on him and then adjusted my suspenders and stockings, what a rush that felt, I then sat back in my car and sure enough he was looking and was picking rubbish up now in my row but I was getting very nervous so started car up, he was right by my passenger door now picking up rubbish, I suddenly felt very brave and wound the window down and asked him if he could take this rubbish for me it was my empty stocking packet, he couldn't hear me and came closer and looked in through window and on the seat was a few pairs of knockers, my wife's that I've stolen over time and old stockings but he didn't notice them, he just reached the packet off me and said thanks before turning away, I was gutted as I really wanted to flash him, still not to worry as I had a hour and half drive to go yet.

So i continued up the M5 but was so excited and my heart was nearly bursting, so I decided to pull off at the next junction and find a lay-by to stop in, it didn't take long as there was one within 5 miles, so I pulled off slip road and took a left for Worcester and straight away on my left was a lay-by so I indicated and pulled in, I parked up behind a truck, the lay-by was on the side of the main road with no bushed or woods just a bank and a phone box so you can tell this story is a few years ago now, after about 5mins of composing myself I decided to venture out towards the phone box and pretend to make a call, so I stepped out from the car and walked in front of my car and behind the truck and the phone box was only 2 yds away on the pavement, so not really that brave was I!, but it gave me such a thrill, I opened the glass door and picked up the receiver and put it to my ear and pretended to put money in and tap the keypad, Wow I was now stood in a open lay-by in a mini skirt, full lingerie on underneath, wig and make up.

It was dark outside but every 10/15 secs I would be lit up by cars or lorries going by as it was a very busy road, I couldn't help but with my other hand I started feeling my stocking tops and suspender belt and my raging hard on, I was quite lucky as the truck was blocking some of the road but as I glanced to what was in front of the truck, I noticed a car with a man looking straight at me from the driver seat, he was so noticeable because he was having to lean across his passenger seat to stare at me, I nearly dropped the phone in my panic and immediately turned away from him, shit I thought this is too risky so in a panic I just let go of the phone and opened the door and walked as quick as I could back to the safety of my car, blimey my heart was racing now, what if he had seen me fondling myself, did he know I was a bloke, what if he calls the police.

All these thoughts were racing through my head, I needed to calm down because I had done nothing wrong or hurt anyone, anyway I didn't have to wait long as he was now walking towards the phone box himself, my he was big tall man and quite old late 50's dressed in a smart dark suit, he only half opened the phone box door and reached in and purposely reached and put the receiver back on the hook whilst glancing at me to see if I was looking, which I was but turned away as soon as caught his eye, next thing I know is he's walking across the front of my car to my drivers side window, shit, he taps on the window so I opened it nervously, he said have you got any change for the phone box, I stammered like a pathetic wimp and said pardon, so he leaned closer and making it so obvious that he was looking at my legs in my short skirt which was nearly showing my stocking tops and said, have you got any spare change as I only have pound coins, I was now gaining confidence and said hang on I might have some in my bag in the seat behind me, so as I could lean across and turn round causing my skirt to ride up my leg also I'd forgotten on my passenger seat was pics of tv's giving blow jobs in public and loads of pairs of panties all colours that I'd taken from my wife over the years, I leaned back and said sorry no I don't, he said ok that's a shame thank you anyway and walked away back across the front of my car and up the side of the truck presumably to his car. Damn that was exciting.

After a few mins I wanted more excitement so headed back to the phone box, once inside I again pretended to make calls and it wasn't long before he again was leaning across looking, so I decided to go 1 step further, I put the receiver down and adjusted my stockings and suspenders in full view of my admirer, this felt great I then opened the door and headed back to my car, right on cue 2/3 mins later my male admirer started to wander over, he went to the call box but didn't pick up receiver just kept looking at me, so I gave him a couple of smiles and then put my interior light on and applied my bright red lippy blusher, he then wanders over to the passenger side of the car and stands there looking in, this is all still going on in full view of passing vehicles and their headlights lighting both of us up at different times, he was just stood there I couldn't see his face but then all of a sudden things escalated because he started rubbing his dick through his trousers to the level I could now make out a bulge, so I lifted my skirt up to reveal my black stocking tops and suspender clips, he was rubbing furiously now and I would love to have rubbed it for him now as well, he then knelt down so I could see his face so I lowered the window, he leant in and said can I sit in the car and you can play with my dick whilst I rub your legs, I said sorry but I'm too nervous to let you sit in my car as much as I'd like to do what you suggest, he said go on you can trust me, you look fantastic don't waste what you've cause, I replied what do you mean, he said you've caused me to have a massive erection by showing me those lovely stockings and I want to feel inside your panties whilst you play with my dick and even suck it if you like, I was stammering but so excited, I said why don't you take a pair of these panties, go and have a wank in them and I'll lick them clean when you bring them back, he said okay and chose a lovely satin red pair and headed back to his car past the truck.

I tried to compose myself, wow I was so turned on but also dissapointed as I wanted to see his dick especially as he said it was fully erect, half of me siad go and watch his come in your panties in his car, but I was aware of the truck driver in front would see plus all the cars passing lighting me up every 10/15 secs, whilst I was thinking this he headed back to my car with panties in one hand, I lowered the passenger window again, he passed them to me and said I haven't completely finished but they're a bit stained for you and by the way they smelt lovely, I took them off him and they were warm and wet, he said go on then let me see you put your lovely red lips on them and lick them, so I did in full view of him, he said fucking beautiful please let me come in your car and you can finish me off, I said go over to the phone box and let me watch you wank yourself a bit more first, he said cars will see me, I said if you don't then I won't.

With that he headed over to the phone box and sure enough he went inside pulled the door shut but I could still see as it was full glass doors although half way up the door where the handle was , was a 3 inch line of metal, once onside he dropped his trousers and shorts and started stroking his erect dick, I couldn't see properly so I found myself getting out of the car and walking to the front of my car and leaning on the bonnet and watching a wonderful site of this stranger pulling on his dick back and forth it was massive and exciting, I put the panties that he had pre cum in again to my mouth, he then starts wanking vigorously and with the other hand beckoned me over, I couldn't believe it as I started to walk over, next thing I know I'm holding the door handle and pulling it open, he said please get on your knees and put those lovely red stained lips around my dick, I looked down and took hold of his dick with my right and left hand, this was the 1st time in my life I held another man's dick, it felt massive and throbbing, he was now putting both hands on my shoulders forcing me gently on to my knees and all of a sudden my eye level has this beautiful dick glistening in front of me so I put it in my mouth at the same time he pushed forward shoving it all in, I was gagging right there and then, but I kept going my hands were now on his bum cheeks whilst pulling him in and out of my mouth with his dick, he was moaning say this is fucking wonderful, with that he suddenly froze and said shit a bus has pulled in to the lay-by, stay there he said its not stopping its just illuminated us both but they can't see you down there anyway, wow this was exciting, scary but also his dick tasted even nicer now as he wasn't forcing me to suck it, its ok he said the bus has pilled out, with that he said go on suck me more please so I did, then his movements increased and he said I'm cumming with that he started jerking hot spurts of semen in my mouth it was too much so I pulled his dick out of my mouth and it went all over my face, he said that was brilliant can I wipe my dick all over your wet face and make up, he took the panties off me and said thank you that was wonderful and left the phone box, I got up off my knees and my face was soaked in semen so was my mouth, I opened the phone box door and there was another car behind mine now, the man and woman in the car had big huge smiles on their faces as they watched me head towards my car, I got in and looked in my mirror at my face wow it was sticky and wet , I put the mirror back as I wanted to get out of here very quickly now, when I noticed the man and woman were kissing but also looking at me, the man waved, but I was very scared now because what I had just done in full view of other people and in the open lay-by of a busy road, as I pulled out the car behind flashed me but I just drove on, I got to roundabout and came back on myself to head towards mway looked across and the man was still smiling and still waving, I so wanted to drive back round and join them both, but I didn't I continued on my way up the M5, wow that was so exhilarating, it was also surreal driving still dressed face had dry Semen stains on, so sexy, I stopped at next services which was 20mins and got changed back into my boring clothes.

I hope you enjoyed the story, I've had a few more stories since but this was so special, please feel free to comment