Written by SEXY SAMMY

21 Oct 2008

Further posts I sent to follow up my last one did not get posted on here, but will try again.

After Roger fucking me in the kitchen, and Ken thinking his sloppy seconds were from my boyfriend, Two days later Roger came around when Ken was away working. After drinking a few to many glasses of wine, I ended up telling him that Ken loved me fucking other men, something I would not have told him bar for the drink. He surprised me by telling me that his wife and him had been doing the same thing, for a few years, and she had met this bloke, and now was about to leave him for this chap.

To cut a long story short we ended up fucking on the lounge floor, and I found myself answering questions about my black lover and others who I have been with, this was turning him on lke mad, and he wanted to know everything, being half pissed, I told him all khe wanted to know which resulted in him filling me with his spunk several times, his prick was a lot bigger than most I have had, and as big as my black lovers.

Ken was away the next night and he came round again, just after he arrived and knowing he was coming I had dressed up in fuck me heels stockings open front bra,as HE had told me the night before what he loved women dressed in. Again we had several glasses of wine, and were playing on the lounge floor with his cum already in me. My phone went and it was Phil, \"my black lover\". he wanted me to go to his hotel and have a drink with him, I said that I could not meet him and, he kept trying to get me to go talking sexily, which Roger was listening to. After he went of the phone in seconds, it rang again, this time i was KEN my husband, Roger was listening by me and he heard ken asking if i WAS BEHAVING MY SELF, Roger shuffled between my legs and slid his prick into me, Ken was asking me if I had seen Phil and had I been with him since he had been away. I told Ken he had just been on the phone, and wanted me to meet him in his hotel. Ken said that I should go and get myself fucked, and I told him that I had said no because he was away and not here, Ken kept saying to go and meet Phil and dress up sexily so that I could tell himall about it the following morning on the phone, Roger was grinning and nodding agreeing with what Ken was saying to me and sliding into me to tease me as I talked to Ken. I ended up telling Ken that I WOULD GO AND GET DRESSED UP AND MEET PHIL.

After I put the phone down Roger hammered his cock up me making me cum, and he unloaded his hot seed in me. He then told me that he would order a taxi for me to go to meet Phil, I went upstairs and went to get ready,Rogers cum was leaking from me as I stepped into the shower, Roger came and told me, that I should have left his cum leaking from me,and given Phil some sloppy seconds. ROGER HELPED ME CHOOSE SOME SEXY CLOTHES AND WATCHED ME DRESS, all the time stroking his dick and telling me what a horny slut I was. Whn the taxi arrived, Roger asked could he stay in the house and wait for me to come home. I did not know what to do but having had a few drinks found myself agreeing to him staying there.

The taxi dropped me off, Walking inthe bar,I found Phil at the bar with another guy. drinking who he introduced me to as Kevin. It soon became clear that he had told this Kevin about me and when he said we should go to his room he asked him to join us and winke at me. I knew from previous experience what he wanted, as he had invited other men to join us previously. After entering the room,Phil poured some drinks and we all sat on the bed, I was soon being fondled by Phil, and Kevin was soon sliding his hand up my dress and discovering my stocking tops and bare pussy,Phil always wants me knickerless for him which was just as well, because Roger, was begging me to go out without any when I left.

I was soon stripped of my dress, with a black prick between my red lipsticked lips, and a white one between my other red lips.

The two of them fucked me a couple of times each, which was quite different than normal in the fact that Phils mates are usually blac that he gets to join us. After the both had finished with me, Phil walked me down and got a cab for me , It was 2.00am when I got back home the Taxi drove onto the drive, and unlike when Ken is waiting for me out of sight, I was greeted on the door step, by Roger, he was grinning at me and said, \"Fuck me Samantha you look as if youve been fucked rotten you dirty little bitch\".

As soon as we closed the door, his hands were all over me and he virtually ripped my dress off. We kissed and he shoved his tongue deep in my throat, and told me he could taste cum in my mouth, and as soon as I sat in the chair, he pushed my legs wide apart, and opening my pussy lips with his fingers, buried his face in my cunt. His tongue was right inside, me far deeper than Ken goes, and he stayed there until he made me climax again. After we fucked on the floor, with him wanting all details, he was really turned on when he knew that two men had left their cum inside me. It was nearly daylight when he left. All the next day I wondered how was I to tell KEN that my latest lover was his best friend, and that I now had two CUCKOLDS TO LOOK AFTER.