Written by manatee175

30 Mar 2010

Back in 2001 I was required to work away between 5 and 6 nights per week and this obviously had an effect on how often my wife Claire and I could have sex.

I had been trying for years to get her to fuck another man but she would never entertain the idea. During one of my rare visits home I again raised the subject saying that just because I was away she should not be lonely all the time. To my surprise she did not react in her normal manner and dismiss the idea out of hand, however she did gently steer the conversation in another direction so no more was said.

Next morning I had to leave early which normally means get up jump in the shower then leave, however as soon as the alarm went off I felt Claire go under the covers and make her way down my body to my cock which she slowly wanked until it was rock hard, and she then gave me a fantastic blowjob to completion.

As she came back up she had a very sexy look on her face and asked if I had enjoyed my going away present, the answer was obvious... I kissed her, she pushed her tongue into my mouth so I could taste my own spunk....fantastic.

Later that day the office phone rang, it was Claire reminding me that she was going to our family friends daughters 21st birthday party that evening which was being held in their house in a nearby town and that she would not be back home until late. I had been invited as well but I could not make it due to my work commitments, plus we needed the overtime.

I said that she should enjoy herself but she said this was unlikely as there would only be the birthday girls student pals there plus our friends Peter and Linda.

The next morning I rang home a little later than normal to allow her to recover from the inevitable hangover, when she answered the phone she sounded very quiet and I put this down to the alcohol, however she quickly put me right when pressed...”You know how you have always wanted me to fuck someone else?”, my cock leapt to attention, “Well I fucked Pete last night....”, I was silent, not from jealously just shock that she had finally done it.

For obvious reasons I could not ask lots of questions in the office so at lunchtime I threw a sickie and travelled the two hours home.

When I reached home I grabbed Claire and we kissed and headed straight up to the bedroom, as we lay in bed she told me that the party had been a disaster, hardly anyone had turned up and those that did had decided to head off to a club in town which left the three “grown ups” alone in the house.

Linda had been drinking most of the day and eventually headed off to bed leaving Claire and Peter alone in the sitting room watching the television, both had drank a fair amount and were very relaxed and before she knew it they were snuggled up together watching the TV, Peter was lying on his back with his legs across Claires knee, and she had slumped sideways onto his chest.

She said she did not know why or how it started but she found herself playing with his cock through his pants, and the next thing she knew they were kissing and her hand had found the zip of his trousers and pulled it down so she could feel his erect cock through his boxer shorts. He had unbuttoned her blouse and was playing with her large breasts through her thin bra.

She then said that Peter had stood up and dropped his trousers and boxers and his long but thin cock waved in front of her face, she instinctively leant forward and licked just under the head, it twitched, so she got hold of it with her hand and held it steady while she slowly licked all over the head then slipped it into her mouth.

He then groaned slightly and placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward until a couple of inches of his cock had slipped through her lips, he then started to gently fuck her mouth and Claire sucked for all she was worth occasionally stopping and flicking the end with her tongue, which she said he seemed to approve of.

Just as the action was building up to its obvious conclusion, a noise from the bedroom upstairs made him quickly pull his cock out of her mouth and pull up his pants. He left the room and went to see what was happening.

Claire said that she stood up, buttoned up her blouse and went to the downstairs bathroom. As she was washing her hands she heard the door slowly open, and Peter looked in and asked if they were finished for the night, she just smiled and he entered the room, leaving the door open so they could hear if Linda got up again.

He turned her round and put his hands round her waist and pushed his erect cock against her arse, which she wiggled invitingly, smiling at him in the mirror. He then moved his hands upwards under her blouse and lifted her bra so that he was, for the first time, touching her bare tits, feeling her hard nipples and gently rolling them between his fingers.

Claires hands had moved behind her back and after stroking his cock through his pants she tried to unfasten them but this was difficult so he moved his hand away from her left tit and dropped his trousers and boxers to the floor.

Both his hands then lowered to the bottom of her knee length skirt and lifted it exposing her black stocking tops and thong, she quickly dropped this to the floor and stepped one leg of it, to allow her to part her legs, then leant forward over the edge of the bath to give him better access to her very moist cunt.

He used his hand to guide his cock to her cunt and she described feeling it rubbing up and down her crack, brushing against her lips, then upwards towards her arse, where he rubbed it gently again the puckered entrance, seemingly about to try to push it in, before dropping it back to her cunt where it slipped in easily, he then put both his hands onto her hips and proceeded to fuck her gently to start with gradually building up pace until she was quietly moaning with pleasure, she said that is was very difficult to stop crying out loud.

Again it was not to be their lucky night, as the taxi driver knocked at the door......

As they got dressed, they looked at each other and agreed that they must finish this off and soon.....

More to follow......