Written by robert3

21 Aug 2007

The other day, whilst out shopping, I nipped into the local Gents.One cubicle was free and so I went in and slipped my pants down..After a few moments I became aware of movement in the next cubicle...and it was very obvious that someone was wanking..Needless to say my cock began to stiffen at the prospect of some action...especially as I had not been expecting it! I cleared my throat a few times...but no response...so I gently moved my shoe under the partition..Straight away a beautifully shaped hand came under the panel..as a face looked under...Incredibly good looking...\'Let me in\',was all that he said.I declined...too risky...unlocked the door and took my throbbing cock to the urinal...Out he came ...stunning...He looked round ,came up and slipped his soft hand around my cock...and grabbed mine and pushed it onto his long member.We enjoyed each other for a bit .. He turned his back to me and moved his jeans down ...\'I asked him what he liked...\'anything\'was his reply..followed by \'Fuck me\'...It was too risky there..but he suggested a nearby car park which has some dense bushes...We went out and I gave him a few minutes start...my legs were like jelly...I followed ...and sure enough found him stretched out ..his T-shirt pulled up ...and his jeans around his ankles..I caressed his nipples as he snaked his hand up and down my cock...Suddenly he slid down and took me in his mouth...he was an expert...before I came I gently rolled him over and rimmed him...moaning he arched back and this time I needed no prompting as I eased into him....It was fantastic ...but I couldn;t last long after such a build-up...and soon i let myself go spurting heavilly into him...As I finished he rolled over and kissed me passionately...\'Please \'was all he said...I knew and taking him in my mouth brought him to a shuddering climax .I swallowed ,we kissed again...and parted a few minutes apart,,,but we have exchanged phone nos...He was without a doubt the best ass-fuck I have ever had...and hopefully more to come...By Robert3.