Written by Lipspreader8

9 Feb 2009

Truth or Fantasy.

I had been speaking to this girl, A Shemale and we had arranged to meet up at her place. So on the day I travelled to her place, as I knocked at her door. She answered it in a long cream silk open dressing gown, just tied at the waist. Under it she wore stocking, thong and a Basque. She said come on in. She asked me if I would like a drink and I said that would be nice, so we had a few glasses of wine and a chat then she said she wanted me now. There was an urgency in her voice then she started undressing me stripping me of my clothes garment for garment till I was stark naked. Then she was kissing, fondling, licking, and sucking. Then she led me by my cock to what she called her play area. Once there she said I want to tease you are you ok with that? I was a bit apprensive but I said ok. Then she led me to this bar where she told me to put my hands on the bar, which I did then she put some wrist straps on me and fixed them to the bar.

She then put a blindfold on me and said can you see any thing? I said no, it was a good blindfold everything was now dark. She then moved my ankles back then a clasp went round each ankle.

She then slipped a very wide leather strap about a foot wide around my waist and stomach then she hooked it to a hoist to take the wait of my body. So here I am naked, blindfolded, shackled at the wrist, ankles and supported in the middle, and then she told me to open my mouth. I did and she said wider then she slid this ring with a groove in it between my teeth so I couldn’t close my mouth and told me to breath through my nose. She had a lovely pair of tits; she started by rubbing her nipples over my face, nose, lips. My head was at about waist height. Then she walked round to my rear and started fondling my cock and playing with my anal cherry.

Then she sat underneath me and slipped my cock into her mouth, sliding her lips back and forth, back and forth. Then while my cock was deep in her mouth she started fingering my button then she put some lube on it and was now slipping one then two fingers well into my arse, then three fingers.

I had got well carried away into the heights of ecstasy then the fingers were replaced with her cock slipping in and out in and out of my tight arse she was still sucking my cock . Then it dawned on me how can she be sucking me and fucking my arse at the same time, just as I thought this whilst she was sucking me and the cock was still fucking my arse. A cock was slipped through the ring in my teeth and was slipping through the ring and down my throat, now I know why she told me to breath through my nose. After about half hour of this pounding they all agreed to change places. And they carried on pounding away at my body I was rendered completely helpless. I couldn’t complain, as the ring was in my mouth. Couldn’t move, the person fucking my throat had his hands on the sides and back of my head working his cock down my throat as far as he could get it in.

The person at my rear had there hands on my hips pulling themselves as far up my arse as they could get there cock in up to the hilt.

The one that was underneath me sucking my cock, was sucking it so hard and whilst sucking it hard slipping as much in and out of there mouth as they could. By now I had cum my load twice once into each of the ones that had sucked me, I had, had two loads shot down my throat. They had used condoms whilst fucking my arse. By now the lube had disintegrated and my arse was getting sore but couldn’t complain because of the ring in my mouth, My mouth ached and then they all changed places for the third time and all was repeated again and again and again.

Then after I had been fucked three times, once by each of them the Shemale decided she wanted me to fuck he so she climbed underneath me and one of the others took hold of my cock and lined it up with her well lubed arse and she eased herself back on to it, now it was quite away in her one of the others pushed his cock up me from behind and put his arms as far round our waists, so as he pushed into my arse he pulled her towards him then he fucked my arse for about another twenty minutes. That’s what I call being the meat in the sandwich. Then she came round and eased the ring from my teeth then she released my ankles then my wrists, then she lowered me to the floor by the hoist. There I lay for awhile completely spent, knackered and completely fucked, as never before. When I looked there was no one else in the room with us. She said I hope you didn’t mind my friends playing as well, you can honestly say that you won’t ever forget having your virgin cherry taken, will you?