Written by PETROS

25 Feb 2018

TRYING SOMETHING NEW. I recently wrote about my 35th anniversary with my long-term fuck buddy. She now lives in Spain. I live with my wife in Cyprus. Sometime ago we met two women in a local bar. We got on great with them. They were quite open about the fact that they were gay and married. Lyn was a real flirt and was always coming on to Marie and her big tits. Jes on more than one occasion said that if she wasn’t gay, she’d definitely do me. All flirty stuff. We always greeted each other with a kiss on both cheeks. Lyn wasn’t averse to showing her tits.in public. Sometimes inviting Marie to have a feel. Marie never did in public, although she had a couple of sneaky feels in private. We were at their house and Lyn had a really good feel of Marie’s tits and insisted Jes should have a feel. She did very briefly and said she knew what she’d like to feel. My cock. Marie was quite shocked and quickly sobered up. We left soon afterwards. Back home we talked about what had gone on. Lyn had told Marie she wanted to fuck her and so did Jes. They weren’t sure about how I’d feel, as it would be just the women and I couldn’t watch. I told her if she wanted to fuck them, then go ahead, but be discrete. She texted Lyn to say it was on.

That night I couldn’t sleep, excited, worried, jealous. I went on line. So was Lyn. I sent a message on the private Messenger. The texts became raunchier and raunchier as Lyn decribed how she was going to fuck both Marie and Jes together. Lyn asked did I have a hard-on. Of course. She told me not to wank myself off, she was coming around to do that for me. Yeah, ad and opened the door. Lyn was wearing a “fuck me” short skirt and a t-shirt that said “fuck me”. No knickers no bra. We kissed passionately and within a minute we were both naked. My hands were all over her. Her tits were firm and her nipples big and hard and responsive to my lips, tongue and fingers. She was holding my cock hard but not actually wanking me. I fingered her standing in the hallway and she had a little cum, barely able to stop herself from screaming. Lyn had a big clit and it was very sensitive. I then went down on her sweet, shaven little cunt. Flicking and licking her clit. Taking her sure. 10 minutes later she arrived at my house. I checked that Marie was sound asleep. I heard a car pull up down the rohigh and then slowing it down. This time her cum was much bigger. I rimmed her for a short while, but she didn’t do anal. I asked did she want to suck my cock, but she said she had never sucked cock. I put her legs over the back of the sofa and fingered and licked her out. This time she squirted, not a massive amount, but enough. She was cumming almost all the time. The supressed moaning was really turning her on. Then I hooked a finger inside her cunt and found her g-spot. She quickly orgasmed and I fingered her cunt, teased her clit and worked her g-spot. She orgasmed for several minutes and screamed into a pillow.

I’d been dribbling pre-cum and wanted to fuck her. She’d only fucked two men and it revived bad memories and feelings. But could she wank. As a teenager she’d found that the quickest way to keep her gay secret was to go with lads and wank them off. Once they’d cum, they lost interest in her. She could only get off, when she had sex with girls.

We cleaned ourselves up and Lyn left. After that, whenever we met, she always kissed me on the mouth and gave me a secret smile. I crept into bed and Marie rolled over to cuddle me. One hand slid down to my cock and she slid down to suck me off. Her butt was gyrating and I asked was she imagining being fucked by the girls. “MMMMM” was her reply, as she came quickly. I went down on her and told her to imagine the girls were licking her cunt and clit. I used their names and she came hard, when I switched names. We had a long slow doggy style fuck and I pulled out to cum in her mouth. I told her I’d go out for the whole day so she could fuck the girls. She seized my cock, squeezing hard and said it was just a one-off out of curiosity. She loved the taste of cock too much to just fuck women. Then she surprised me, telling me she’d had a sex affair with a woman from work, many years ago. This turned me on and I asked her to tell me some dirty details as I fucked her with her legs round my neck.

It was two days later, when the girls came around. I’d gone out sea fishing and wouldn’t be back until late evening. Marie gave me full details of their fabulous, very dirty, fuck session. That’s a story for another time.