Written by Felix the Cat

3 Feb 2019

My marriage tho happy lacks passion. And the physical side has been over for some years.

I've had a few minor brushes but for a variety of reasons theyd not got anywhere. Anyway, my wife and child had decided to go on holiday abroad and I stayed in sn empty house for a few days with only the dog as company.

Out of boredom, I made contact with an old lesbian friend who lived some 50 miles away and we agreed we'd go out in my local village and she'd stay over afterwards so we could party till late.

The evening came along, we got very drunk on wine and, she drank some vodka too, so was a lot more sloshed that I was.

Now, Ill repeat she is a lesbian. Ive even known a few of her girlfriends.

Late night, were sloshed sitting on the sofa. She turns round to put her glass down, showing the small of her back as her shirt rode up. So I bent down and drunkenly kissed it. She casually turned round, put her feet up, and started rummaging around her waist. I couldnt quite fathom what sge was doing, then suddenly she pulled her tights and knickers dow, pulled her skirt up, opened her legs wide and said "fuck me felix, fuck me".

So, I quickly went down on her and gave her hairy pussy oral. Quickly because I didn't want her (a lesbian) to change her mind, I threw off my jeans and mounted her.

We fell asleep afterwards. Woke up in the morning and I showered. I asked her if we could have sex again as she was heading to the shower and she said yes, so we did twice that day.

It wasnt the best sex Id had. She was largely unresponsive, but I did claim a private victory in nailing a lesbian lol.