Written by ken

20 Jul 2013

a few months back i fucked my ex,s old workmate and last week she called me asking how i was i said horny now you called and laughed we chatted and eventually got to sex as i told her i had a dream i went to hers and she was wearing a denim skirt and t shirt no bra as she made tea in the kitchen her nipples were solid as i grabed her tits and held her as i rubbed her nipples saying she was horny as fuck telling her i wanted her and think of my cock sliding in her cunt she said jim new we fucked and was ok i opened her skirt forcingmy hand into her knickers fingering her as she moved her hips moaning i turned her and pulled her skit down and her knickers and put my cock up her and fucked her she orgasmed as i came up her we just got fixed as her daughter came in she had an even shorter denim skirt on that barly covered her crotch and a crop top her tits boucing about as she walked i said to her wispering in her ear nice tits as she leaned down to the drawer giving me a view of her arse and cunt saying to her i nearly got my 8 haf inch cock out she said its not that size i took her hand leading her upstairss to the room and got my cock out she said fuck as she looked at it i said ok show me your tits only fair as i laughed lifting her top her tits bounced out as i stroked my cock as she looked as i rubbed her crotch just then her man walked in and we had to stop