Written by bob_black

19 Jul 2018

This actually happened. I considered myself to be a straight guy, married and in my mid-fifties at the time. I am sorry the posting is so long but I think that some of you will like the ending – so hang in there.

A few years back I was away on business staying in a hotel in New York City, the hotel itself was very plush and had been featured in a couple of movies. It was Friday night, and it had been a difficult week from a business perspective so I was ready to have a few drinks in the bar, relax, and have some fun.

I had been drinking in the bar for about one hour when four stunningly beautiful ladies walked into the bar and they were obviously out for the evening partying. They were all immaculately dressed immaculately with beautiful dresses with short skirts and high heels with the sexy red soles.. Two of the ladies sat at the bar and the other two gathered around them, they were all deep in conversation and laughing loudly. Two of the ladies were black with drop dead gorgeous figures with huge round and plump arses. The other two were equally beautiful but one appeared to originate from the Far East with a beautiful slim figure but again with an arse to die with large boobs, which looked out of proportion to the rest of her body. The fourth lady was white with lusciously large red lips, just right for sucking cock. Not just any cock but my cock lol.

After an hour or so of subtly trying to ogle them I decided to offer them a glass of champagne. They gladly accepted and two glasses later they started to bring me into their conversation. The two black girls introduced themselves as Opal and Ariel, while the Filipino girl introduced herself as Hope and the fourth white girl was called Samantha. They were generally joking around and a few glasses later, of course eventually, the subject of sex came into the conversation. I am not a young man and they jokingly said I couldn’t handle one of them, let alone all four of them. I jokingly said that I would do my best lol. The conversation continued in this manner and they explained that they were out for some fun and they were looking for a “worthwhile victim”. I just laughed and said where do I sign?

I had explained earlier in the conversation that I was here on business and staying at the hotel in a suite. As it was a five star hotel they all wanted to see what the suites looked like. I like a gentleman volunteered to show them my room. By this time we all had a reasonable amount to drink, including me, so with a rush of blood to my head or should I say to my cock, I ordered another two bottles of champagne and we all went up to my room to admire the view of the city and to have a few drinks.

Once up in my suite I showed the girls the view of the city and they were all impressed. I also showed them around the suite including the Jacuzzi bath. Hope, the Filipino girl, said do you think that we can all fit in the bath? They all laughed and said we can try.

The suite also contained a large sofa that accommodated all four of the ladies, while I sat opposite them admiring the view of their legs; as all their skirts were quite short. I also noticed that as they crossed their legs that they all appeared to be wearing suspenders, as I could see their stocking tops. The two black ladies, Opal and Ariel also appeared to be wearing white panties, as I caught a flash of white every time they moved their legs. I love the contrast of white on black skin so I was starting to feel very horny.

We continued to drink the champagne and Sam (Samantha), who was the white girl, asked if I still wanted to be their victim? I was not sure what she meant and all sorts of things ran through my mind, were they going to mug me, or they were they prostitutes who wanted to relieve me of all my cash?

I said that I would like to be you victim but I am not sure what you exactly mean by victim. At this point she got up off the sofa and unzipped her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. Sam had an absolutely beautiful body and her age looked to be in her mid-20’s. She quickly moved across the room and planted herself on my lap nearly knocking the glass of champagne out of my hand.

Sam wore a matching red set of panties and a half cupped bra which was nearly spilling her boobs out everywhere. At that time I was in my mid to late 50’s but as she sat on my lap my cock nearly burst through my trousers. She shoved her boobs in my face and nearly tried to smother me. The other girls stated to laugh saying I think that Sam has found our victim for this week.

The girls then all started to remove their dresses and I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. Sam then pulled me off my chair and onto the sofa to join the rest of the girls. I noticed, as she pulled me, that she was quite strong for a girl but I thought nothing of it. They squashed me on to the sofa with me in the middle and two girls either side of me. It was a tight fit on the sofa but I wasn’t going to complain. I was soon to learn that it was not going to be the only tight fit that night.

I was like a kid in a sweet shop I was surrounded by tits and didn’t know where to start. They had all left on their matching bra and panties and their skin felt like silk.

I started to kiss Opal, who was dressed in all white, who responded positively by shoving her tongue right down my throat. The thought of getting some black pussy made my cock really hard, I think the hardest it has ever felt. By this time I was still dressed in a suit and tie and Hope decided to remove my jacket and shirt. Yes I still had my jacket on as I always like to make a good impression, particularly with the ladies. Removing my jacket and tie was a little difficult with Opal still trying to French kiss me but Hope manged it by some clever minor gymnastics. At one point, Hope had her arse in my face as she struggled to get my clothes off. Her arse smelt good enough to eat; little did I know that I would be eating a lot of arse and more that night.

Each girl then took turns kissing me and tweaking my breast which was a real turn on. Ariel, the other black girl was now lying by my feet with here tits swinging freely from her bra while she took off my shoes and socks. I didn’t know where to look, there were tits and bums everywhere and I was in danger of being suffocated - what a way to go.

They then suggested we move to the bedroom as the sofa was cramping my back lol. Each of the girls removed their bras, threw them in my face and ran into the bedroom. I took a deep sniff of each bra and they all smelt gorgeous. At this point I removed my trousers to reveal my small black briefs, which were now struggling to contain my cock.

I leapt onto the bed to join the girls who again arranged themselves around me, one either side of my head and the other two either side of my legs at cock height. Opal and Hope took turns shoving their tongue down my throat and I in turn tried to keep up with them. Meanwhile, Ariel and Sam were fondling my cock though my pants and tugging at my pants to remove them.

All the girls seemed a little aggressive and rampant, as though they were on heat. Before long Ariel, one of the black girls, had removed my pants and was now starting to suck my cock. The contrast of her full lips and black skin slobbering over my cock nearly quickly sent me over the edge but Sam had also started to grasp and tweak my balls which helped to contain my enthusiasm.

By this time the girls were everywhere all over my body, one had her fingers probing my arse, another was deep throating my cock, while the other took turns sucking my balls and cock alternatively. Meanwhile Opal continued to suck my face off, while I groped, sucked and pulled at their tits.

I noticed for the first time that I was completely naked and they were all still wearing their panties. Sam who appeared to be the quietest but most dominate instructed me to remove Opal’s white panties. So Opal stood up on the bed and I got onto my knees, eager to suck her black clit and start to finger fuck her.

All of a sudden I noticed that the room had gone very quiet and all the girls were focused on me as I pulled down Opal’s panties, to my amazement a large black cock popped out and hit me straight in the face, if you pardon my pun. I didn’t know what to do as I thought it was some kind of joke. I look around at the girls who were now also pulling down their own panties revealing cocks of various shapes colours and sizes.

Opal smacked her big black cock again against my cheek. Her cock was all of 10 inches and as black as the ace of spades. Opal said, remember you wanted to be our victim tonight – get sucking. I went to get up off my knees but the other black girl Ariel pushed her panties into my mouth, which smelt divine while also pushing me back down onto my knees and said you know you want to suck it white boy. I looked around and they had all gathered around me. Sam started playing and tugging my cock while Hope, the Filipino girl started to play with my bum. I was starting to feel hot and sweaty and I started to recognise that there was no way out of this predicament without losing my dignity and perhaps my anal virginity.

Sam leaned over me with a glass of champagne, she also handed me her red panties and told me to put them on - the back of the panties had a heart shaped hole so my arse was hanging out while the of the panties barely covered my erect cock. Sam then handed me poppers and two blue pills and said drink this down because you are going to need all of your courage and energy by the time we finish with you.

I drank down the champagne and the two blue pills down in one go and Sam then handed me the poppers and said take a deep sniff of this and you will feel good. I took three deep sniffs and immediately Opal put pressure on my head and bent my mouth toward her cock. She brought her black cock to my lips and removed the red panties from my mouth and I just opened my mouth and she rammed her big black veiny cock deep into the back of my throat. I nearly chocked and the champagne rose back up into my mouth and I nearly puked it out all over her cock. However, the combined taste of her meaty cock, the poppers and the champagne started to take their effect and I started to gobble a cock, a black cock at that, for the first time in my life.

Meanwhile, Sam had started to deep throat my cock and I could feel myself getting into a rhythm where my cock was in Sam’s mouth and Opal’s cock was in my mouth.

I was starting to relax a little as Hope, the Filipino girl, was tweaking my breasts but the next minute Ariel was saying to Opal I want some of that virgin mouth and arse. So Opal pulled her cock out of my mouth and it was quickly followed by Ariel’s’ black cock which wasn’t as big as Opals’ but much fatter as I could just about get my fingers around it as I was trying to control her thrusts into my mouth. They then decided to see if they could get two black cocks in my mouth at the same time. My mouth was being mercilessly double fucked by two black cocks. I thought it can’t get much worse than this or did I mean better than this?

My mind was working in overdrive, was I loathing this or was I starting to love this? My mind was brought sharply into focus as I felt some lube being fingered into my arse. My arse was being opened first one finger, then with two fingers. I quickly turned to see Hope preparing to put her 8 inch light brown cock into my bum. I thought OMG, I am going to be spit roasted. Can my arse take a cock?

I decided at this point that if I was to become a victim that I would be a willing victim and really enjoy myself. I called out stop please! If you are going to fuck my arse I want to be fucking someone else’s arse at the same time, while I am having my own arse fucked for the very first time.

Opal said you can fuck my black arse if you like and so the real orgy commenced. Opal got down on her knees with her arse in the air and I lined my cock up behind Opal’s beautiful full black arse. It was jet black, plump and round so I decided to start by licking her brown starfish. My tongue probed as deep as possible and it tasted like nectar. Opal began to moan and she tried to push my tongue deeper into her arse. I felt that I was being smothered but I loved it. I was now longing to get my 6 inch white cock into her beautiful black arse. As I started to probe her arse with my cock, all of a sudden Sam straddled Opal’s back facing me; she was lining up her cock to get ready shove it into my mouth.

At this point Ariel said don’t forget about me. Ariel dove between Opal’s thighs and wedge herself underneath Opals arse and my cock. She would now have a perfect view of my cock entering Opal’s arse.

So I was about to be air tight gang fucked by four gurls. Hope was going to fuck my arse while I fucked Opal’s arse and while I sucked on Sam’s cock. I also knew that I would get the opportunity to drop my cock into Ariel’s mouth each time I withdrew my cock from Opal’s firm round arse. So let the battle commence; the first thing I did was to get my cock into Opal’s bum hole, it was a tight fit and she immediately started to moan shouting fuck my black arse white boy. Me, white boy in my mid-fifties, I nearly started to laugh but Sam had plunged her cock into the back of my throat. Just as I was getting used again to a cock in my throat and my cock in Ariel’s arse. I then felt my red panties being pulled aside by Hope quickly followed by a deep pressure being applied to my back passage as Hope plunged her light brown cock ball deep into my well lubricated anus. I was just about to cry out when Sam went ball deep into my mouth muffling my cries. I was now not only being spit roasted but I was airtight as I had my cock deep into this beautiful jet black arse. The gurls had obviously done this before as they synchronised their rhythm in line with mine as I ploughed my cock deep into Opal’s arse.

I was starting to cum into Opal’s bum when I felt three jets of Sam’s cum flood my mouth. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and a couple of her cum jets spilled out over my chin. To stop myself from coming I pulled my cock out of Opal’s arse only for it to drop straight into Ariel’s wiling mouth. She put her large red lips around my cock and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Hope was approaching top speed (sorry for the pun), fucking my arse, she would pull out and then go ball deep back into my aching arse. I could tell that she was about to cum in my arse so I quickly took my cock out of Ariel’s beautiful full red lips and shoved back into Opal’s now gaping bum hole. I was determined to cum into Opal’s bum at the same time as Hope would empty her balls deep into my arse.

I felt Hope’s pulsing cock shoot jet after jet of cum into my arse and I immediately felt it start to dribble from my well used bum. This totally tipped me over the edge and I shot my load deep into Opal’s arse. I am not a big cummer so it took a while for Opal to push the cum out of her arse. However, when she did that it was immediately lapped up by Ariel who alternated between sucking my now spent cock and burying her head deep into Opal’s arse to lick out my cum.

The gurls stayed with me for four hours that night, each taking turns to fuck my arse and to spit roast me. I calculated that each gurl had fucked my arse at least twice with the two black gurls fucking me three times each. My mouth had probably swallowed at least ten loads of creamy cum. By the end of the night I was covered in cum, all over my face and dripping from my arse hole. My arse was sore and gaping but I had had great fun being made air tight by four transsexuals.

As a parting gesture they all moved out of the bedroom back onto the sofa where they all turned their backs on me and presented their bums high into the air for me to fuck. It was beautiful looking at all four bums of differing colours and shapes. I deep tongued each arse in front of me and gave each arse four strokes of my cock up their arse holes. It was the best I could do; I saved my last shot of cum for the Filipino gurl who was the first to take my anal virginity. Her arse was caramel coloured and smelt like heaven. I plunged my cock into her bum and watched while Opal stuck her cock into Hope’s mouth. We spit roasted Hope until I had cum deep into her arse. While Opal and the other two gurls came on her face. I had the pleasure of licking it off Hope’s face.

Before they left I kissed each gurl on their brown starfish and they got themselves dressed. Sam explained that each Friday they looked for a straight guy to convert over. I was the one they had chosen for this week. I never saw them again as they were probably busy converting other straight guys like myself.

After that Friday night I was very pleased that I didn’t have to go to work the next day. I had a sore gaping bum, a sore mouth and a sore cock from all the hard work. For a week, every time I sat down my bum produced a tingling sensation, probably send me the message that I needed more cock.

A couple of months later I was tested for sexually transmitted diseases and I was given a complete clean bill of health. I am now totally converted over to young versatile transsexuals, although I still enjoy pussy of all colours. I also now wear my open backed panties under my suit and they always match the colour of the silk handkerchief that I carry in my suit top pocket.

Since this event I have been fucked air tight again by three transsexuals but that is for another time.

I hope that you enjoyed my experience. I have more if you wish.