Written by Banjobill

14 Jan 2010

Its a long time since we told you about our group, Tricia, June and me Bill. Several interesting things have happened and we thought you would like to know.

Tricia is disabled but has a very healthy appetite for sex and play. Every month she goes to a group meeting where similar disabled people and their carers discuss their problems and try to help each other. In September a new guy aged about 75 joined and was accompanied by his step daughter Avril. June took a liking to her and decided to recruit her to our group. After the October meeting she invited Avril round to Tricia's place for lunch!!

The girls got her drunk and ended up in bed but Avril just watched and played with herself and brought herself to a gushing orgasm. Tricia asked what her fantasies were and she replied that she wanted to be a slave and to be punished for doing bad things. Another meeting was arranged for the following Tuesday when I would be there. Tricia and June told me what they wanted to do so I agreed.

When I arrived the door was opened by Avril wearing nothing but stockings and a small apron. " Welcome master" she said kneeled down and took my cock out of my pants. She then started to lick it and my balls. the girls were watching from the bedroom. I pulled her to her feet and dragged her into the room. I forced her to bend over the bed and started to smack her arse with my hand. Tricia gave me a slipper and I continued until her arse was red. "Bugger her" June said as she rubbed some lube into her arsehole. Never one to refuse I did and June started to lick my arse then started masterbating. Tricia lay on the bed fingering herself. I pushed Avril's face forward until she could lick Tricia's cunt. We played like this for about 10 minutes until we all came. After we got into the hot tub and played some more. Thank god for viagra or I wouldnt have had as much fun!!!

Avril now joins us about every three weeks and our group is very happy, she told us about a pal of hers who loves S & M so we hope she will come along in February. I will write and tell you about it.