9 Oct 2019

I have recently returned from a quick week away in Tunisia and had some fun that i had no intention of looking for. I had gone away with the wife and we intended doing nothing for a lazy week away, eating drinking and enjoying the sunshine.

The first couple of days were great the hotel was everything you;d expect from an all inclusive, a great entertainment team as well.

We had been getting on well with several other guests at the hotel and was generally having fun, there was plenty of stunning looking people around the pool and a few had caught my eye. One lunch time the wife had a bit too much to drink and went to bed for the afternoon, leaving me to return to the poolside by myself. On the sunbeds next to me were 2 sisters from France who had been particularly chatty, they both wondered where the wife was and when i said she was in bed they both laughed saying lucky her. I explained it was just to sleep off the booze and nothing more .......... they again laughed and said "oh we have you to ourselves for the afternoon" jokingly i said you can take me anywhere you wish for the afternoon, one of them Angelique said you never know ............ I laughed and said i was off for a swim.

I was soon followed by Angelique and we were just messing about in the pool having fun, she then turned to me saying do you not get that sexy feeling in the hot weather? Always I said but the wife is worse for wear, she looked and said well as she is not here then maybe i can help?

I laughed and said I don't think the wife would approve, Angelique then said "well she doesn't have to know does she" I must have looked shocked i said to her to stop taking the micky and teasing me, she looked and said "follow me and we shall see who is teasing", with that she left the pool, wrapped her towel around her and headed into the hotel, i looked on astonished as she looked back and beckoned me.

i grabbed my towel and followed like a puppy dog, she led me to her room and no sooner were we through the door she turned unwrapped her towel and took off her bikini top letting her gorgeous 36 dd tits out, (Angelique is approx 52 years old with a great figure, slightly overweight but a woman who still looked fabulous in her bikini)

She shut the door behind me and took hold of my shorts and pulled them down freeing my quickly erecting cock, Angelique got down n her knees and soon had me at full mast, but the again when a gorgeous woman has your cock in her mouth and continues to stare you in the eyes i defy anyone not to get hard. I picked her up and took her to the bed and stripped off her bikini bottoms to find a completely shaved smooth pussy, she tasted fabulous, i was lapping away like a cat with a bowl of cream and she was obviously enjoying matters by the noises that she was making, her back arched as she came and flooded my mouth, by now i was dying to get inside her, i moved up her body and slowly inserted my cock inside her i'm not particularly hugely endowed but she loved what was happening and we were soon doing nothing but raw fucking, i could feel my cock about to explode and told her so, she wrapped her legs around me and puled me in even further until i came and flooded her, this i turn brought her to another orgasm, we both lay there in that warm feeling after sex, we had only been in the room for 30 to 40 mins but what a time we had, "we#d better get back to the pool she said" you go first and i will come later, i put my wet shorts back on and went down to the pool and went straight in, washing her smell off me, I returned to the sunbed and Angeliques younger sister had a grin on her face, she looked at me and said "where have you been?" at that Angelique came back and just nodded to her sister. I hope your wife stays in her room as i want some fun as well ................. later in the week it got even better