Written by Martin

26 May 2009

About fifteen years ago, when I was thirty and before I was married. Following a break up of a relationship with my then girlfriend, took myself off to Tunisia. had a wonderful time, lots of hot weather, food and cock. i am bi and have known that since I was fourteen. I have a thing for black and arab men. I got talking to one of the young waiters; he was not happy as he was waiting to get married, via an arrangement, and he did not want to. He was very good looking dark, fit atheltic and looked like he packed a punch in the trouser department. We got well, and he had a good sense of humour, and when he said on the second day that he was upset about it I said is she pretty and he said yes, and I said well do you prefer guys trying to make it a joke and then he said yes. I was so taken back, I said well thats good when do you finish he said he had a break in ten minutes and I invited him to my room for some juice. I went to my room and put on a light dressing gown and waited after a few minutes there was a knock. I opened the door and he came in and I asked him how long he had and he said fifty minutes, I rubbed his crutch and he pushed me against the wall and french kissed me opening my gown and I undid his shirt and what a sexy chest and six pack really sexy I licked his nipples and went to my knees and opened his trousers and took out what was a massive cock I started to suck him and as he became more confident he held my head and fucked my mouth deeper and deeper I was almost gagging but he kept going, after about five minutes or so he swlled and came down my throat almost choking me, I managed to swallow most of it.

He then took his clothes off, and sucked me and rimmed me; he asked if I liked rough sex and I said yes I did; by now he was hard again and I passed him some lub; and he put a load on his cock and my arse, I was on my back and he lifted my legs high onto his shoulders and slowly entered my arse he was so big it took a bit of time and hurt at first, then when he was fully inside me he started to fuck me harder and harder I was wanking my cock and he was calling me names in french and english; he fucked me for about fifteen minutes he was a very rough fuck, but bloody great. When he came it felt like gallons going into my arse hole. He waited until he was soft and it flopped out.

We lay and cuddled for a while, then I licked his cock clean and we then chatted he said it was tough being gay in Tunisia, and I said he could fuck me whenever he wanted whilst I was there, he then told me that another of teh waiters was gay; and I said bring him too.

At about 10pm i was in my room the door was knocked and he came in he had finished work and with him was the other gay waiter the same age 22, and by far the sexiest of all the waiters. I said great I want you both to do whatever you want to me. They stripped and forecd me down to be face fucked alternately by them, they they pulled me by the hair and bent me over and took turns fucking me, using their belt on my arse as they did so. They stayed until very late fucking me over four times each, I sucked them wanked them, the new guy started to fist me which I adore. They wanked over me, and asked if they could take me in the bathroom and piss on me as they had never done that; I enjoy that so readily agreed. That started two weeks of me getting fucked at least twice a day by the both, sometimes as a 121 and sometimes as a threesome. I had some wonderful memories; and when I left and got home I had a bit of difficulty walking and it took my arse and nipples a few days to recover, but I never regreted it.

If there are any black guys ro arabs that want a white guy to abuse just say so.