28 Oct 2015

For the first time we visited Turkey. Everybody told us to have a Turkish bath on the first day as it was good for sun tan retention.

On arrival at the hotel we enquired and booked in for the following morning for the Full package. Even better priced as it was end of season special. Not knowing what was required I called into the spa after breakfast and enquired what we needed to bring in case we needed to change afterwards. The guy behind the counter said just shorts for me and my wife could wear swim wear also. No need to bring anything else as they had towels etc , however if we wanted the sauna as well we needed to be 15 minutes earlier to do this.

So we went for the sauna option and both ushered into separate changing rooms and then called through individual doors to the sauna area. Already in was a couple who had been last week but wanted to have a sauna before they jetted off home. They said it was excellent value for money compare with other nearby spa's. We were then called through to the bath area and told to lie on what can only be described a slab of marble in the centre of the room and the session commenced with lots of warm water and some sort of scrubbing with mits. Some sort of skin cleansing.

My wife was expecting to this to be conducted by the female who was in the reception area but was not phased when two blokes undertook this. Then all of a sudden in broken English one of the guys says to my wife does her costume split? She had put on a one piece costume and he wanted to wash and rub the mit onto her stomach. She said no it does not but not to worry carry on any way. They were not happy and asked her if she could maybe split the costume or slip the top down! Now my wife is a busty 38J but will not go topless on a beach never mind in a sauna with 2 blokes she only met 10 minutes earlier. I tried to persuade her but she was having nothing of it. So they continued on and the guy doing my back said he needed to speak to, I think he said Tiffa, but would be 2 minutes and would be back. Sure enough he returned quickly with Tiffa following a minute or too later.

Tiffa then asked my wife if it was better if she completed her front and the guy could then carry on to do her back. My wife said it was not a problem either way so Tiffa took the mit and continued. She then said to my wife if she got the 2 guys to stand looking towards the door , she could slip the top part of her costume down, she would do her stomach and then my wife could put her costume back in order for her back to be done without a problem. My wife as still very hesitant but after some time agreed with the strict understanding that they 2 guys did not see her boobs. Tiffa did not understand the words boobs so I said yes she will but these 2 cannot see her tits! They all understood what tits was! The guys said yes we will not see your tits.

So with that my wife peeled her top half of the costume down and Tiffa carried on complementing my wife's tits into the bargain! She said she was jealous as her tits, as we put it, were only small. Have to say I thought she was at least a 34c but she reckoned 34b. Difficult to say as she had a t shirt and body warmer type coat over - in a sauna! . After a while Tiffa said she was done and started to walk away. My wife was quick on this and said "hang on I need to be decent and covered before my back is done". Tiffa said she was sorry and handed her a towel to put over her tits, after all she would be lying on her front so nothing would be shown.. They carried on and when the time had come for us to turn over the guy said to her, do you want to keep towel or do you want to Tiffa to come back in whilst you "put your tits away". My wife opted not surprisingly for the Tiffa option!

Tiffa came in as the 2 guys left the room. She said that because they had other bookings and it was end of season they would move us to the other room which was the same but was a bit bigger and warmer. It was the room they would normally have more than 2 people in but was better. We agreed and Tiffa said to walk through the adjoined door and she would meet us there and my wife could stay as she was. We walked through and my wife clung tightly to a towel around her tits so that nothing was on show. The room seemed identical which was a bit strange but no matter.

As we stood Tiffa came back in and told us to lie again on the marble slab and she would help the 2 guys finish the treatment off. They would come in in a minute but in the mean time she persuaded my wife to hold the towel a bit looser. She then said to my wife if I take my shirt off will it make it easier for her to let the towel go? After a while my wife agreed so Tiffa whipped her t shirt of to show she had a bra on which was struggling to keep her tits in check and in the cups - but hey who was complaining - not me!

The 2 guys came back in and the treatment continued but one of the guys in turn stood back as Tiffa massaged my wife and they took it in turns to massage me with the oils etc. I heard some quiet muttering and saw that Tiffa had persuaded my wife to turn over and just leave the towel over her tits because we would be having the next part of the treatment. Tiffa asked in Turkish - so far as I can make out - for the 2 guys to leave for a while which they did. Tiffa then clapped her hands and asked my wife to sit, which she did clutching the towel around her tits. Tiffa asked my wife to let the towel go but she refused to which she said that she would make things easier for my wife and promptly unclasped her bra and was topless. She then said to my wife look I have my tits out and your husband likes them! My wife laughed and said ok you win for a while lets get on.

Tiffa carried on massaging my wife and slowly the door opened and the 2 guys came back in with what can only be described as T towels around their waist's!. Tiffa said to my wife you like? She had to agree the view was good. Things continued and the 2 guys carried on my side of the slab.

I looked over to see my wife had drifted way as Tiffa undertook the massage. Slowly 1 of the guys moved around and started to massage my wife with Tiffa. She was enjoying this and did not realise that the second set of hands was the other guy as Tiffa moved around to my side. Tiffa made sure her hands drifted to my shorts and was discretely moving the shorts down bit by bit and then whispered she was going to slide my shorts down so I could enjoy the rest of the massage.

I detected that there was movement of the slab and realised it was slowly being lowered into the floor. I looked over to see my wife lying on her stomach with a cock in each hand as the guys had dropped the t towels! They slowly turned her over and then I could see them slowly slipping her swim suit bottoms down and 1 guy was playing with her clit and she was offered the other guys cock to suck . I looked at Tiffa who nodded to me and slipped her bottoms off to show me her shaved pussy. She then slowly started to wank me and suck my cock too!

As I looked over I could see my wife about to take 1 of the guys cocks into her tight shaved pussy and at that moment Tiffa sat on me ready to take my cock into her tight pussy also. Wow what a great experience this was turning out to be! The other guy then got on the slab and was on his back and my wife was slowly moved so that she was astride him and slipping his cock into her, the other guy moved her forward so that as she rode 1 cock she was being pressed down so that her tits were squashed on the other guys chest, he then tried to get his hard cock and enter my wife's arse so that she was DPD. Now not only does my wife not go topless - except for now - she definitely will not do A under any circumstances . So he got the hint and went around the front and got her to suck it whilst she rode his friends cock. Tiffa then discretely called him over as she was astride me riding my cock, moved forwrard and invited him to mount her arse which he did without any hesitation!

What a day will do this again. At the bar that night the 2 guys came in with Tiffa and invited us to the spa later on for the evening if we wanted and we could have cocktails there. We agreed to meet up later. My wife then said she wasn't going as the massage had worn her out but I should go just for a quick drink. When I got there I was let in discretely to the rear of the spa and out came Tiffa topless in a g string and hold ups!

I'll let you know about this another time!