Written by Shoota

17 Jul 2018

My wife is now 63. blonde, size 12 but 14 in a dress because of her boobs. and is still good looking enough to attract mens attention? She took a holiday in Turkey with the Girls for her 60th and has liked going back for some reason ever since?

So off we go, a week in Bodrum. Sunbathing for the first few days in the hotel grounds then getting a bit bored we hire a moped and go off piste. Sand dunes, small beach and fewer people. We are sunbathing and swimming, her in bikini bottoms. now she has a bit of a tummy standing, but lying down ,WOW. everything falls into place and with trimmed not shaved pussy hairs she looks really fuckable lying there? tanned with white bits . sunglasses on oiled skin. Then along comes 40 year old dark haired Young TURK. I see him looking as he slowly walks past. I tell her and she tells me she has seen him. He stops to stare out to sea, then swings around to have another look. bye now she has opened her knees a little more and he gets the message.

We can see the Hard On in his light beach shorts. I lean over and brush my hand against her thigh and she lies back and moans softly. he watches a while as I move my hand up to the mound around her clit. he then slowly walks over toward us as one does in such a situation. I smile knowingly at him as he stands politely watching while rubbing himself through his shorts, I start fingering her clit at the top. She has a nice little hard on herself, I signal for him to move closer and he goes down and starts licking her.She reaches for his cock and he pulls his shorts down, it was just the job. 6inches and cut, a huge end so she knew she would have to suck it for him. She got his veins standing out and his end wet while he played with her now very moist pussy they were ready.

I was enjoying the scene, my own cock was as stiff as a bone, as I watched her raise her legs and him slide into position, no condom, she wanted to feel the rim of his cock end plunder her rampant fanny. It did, He slid it up her and slowly worked it into her and she was pleased to give him every assistance she could. he suckled on her plump breasts and lay his very hairy chest on her as he screwed on her. Then she started Cumming, Boy did she? He came, spunking right up her! Then he slid out, and was gone. It was my turn. my cock sticking out in front of me,I climbed over her thigh and felt my engorged cock slide into the wetness he had left. I was trying not to cum before I got him in. I only took a few strokes in her warm wet pussy then I tried not to for a split second, but it's hopeless. I always end up just letting it cum.I felt myself shrinking as he slid out covered in sperm and juice. We lay there on our bed and slept a while like we do. we have our little fantasies and enjoy acting them out sorry if we bored you?