Written by sp1derman

13 Feb 2011

This is a true story about when my wife and i booked into a 5 star hotel an spa in Turkey. On the second day of our holiday, i booked us both in for a Turkish bath and massage. We walked into the marble clad room, where there were two bronzed hunks wrapped in only a large towel.

I looked across at my wife(Cindy), Lying face down in just bikini bottoms being washed down by one of the Turkish hunks, which she was enjoying every minute. After finishing of the Turkish bath, we were led to one of the massage rooms. Again we were met by another two Turkish hunks, who were quite clearly wearing nothing under their towels as you could see their cocks bouncing against the material.

Watching Cindy being oiled up by one of these guys was making my cock twitch, Especially when he was rubbing his cock against her at every possible oppotunity. This was when i decided to see how far Cindy would go. After the massage i booked Cindy in again for a follow up massage. I slipped the hunk some money and told him when Cindy came back, to give her a good time.

Cindy turned up for her massage, thinking that i had gone snorkelling. She was led into the massage room, Where she stripped down to a pair of side tied bikini bottoms. All the time me watching through a viewing flap in the door.

I winked at the hunk and gave him the nod to carry on. He slowly oiled up Cindy and started massaging her bear back, occasionly brushing the sides of Cindy's 36cc flattened breasts. Once again brushing his cock against her at every chance he could. Cindy was loving this, by the look of the damp patch appearing on her bikini bottoms.

The Turkish hunk then untied her bikini bottms and pulled them off. I could now see Cindy's moist pussy glistening in the light. He then let his towel drop to the floor,releasing his now rock hard cock. He carried on massaging Cindy's oiled up pert ass, letting two fingers slip into her now soaking pussy. Watching every stroke my cock was now ready to explode.

He had now positioned himself, so that his cock was level with cindy's head. To my amazement she just lifted her head and let him slide his cock in her mouth inch by inch.

Cindy progressed to give the best blowjob i have ever seen. The hunk then moved to the base of the bed, pulled Cindy off the end the bed and continued to fuck Cindy hard doggy style. He pumped away until exploding inside her voilently. I asked Cindy how her massage went, she said it was "fantastic" and would like another one before we leave. I will let you know what happened on her next visit soon.........