Written by posty69

6 Sep 2013

This happened summer 2012, my wife Jean and I went on holiday to Gumbet in Turkey in a small hotel. It was a very friendly place, guests were mainly Dutch and German but was very nice as was the staff.

After spending a couple of nights exploring clubs and plenty of drinking and dancing, we decided to spend the next night at the hotel, and glad we did as Tony (hotel head man) had organized a belly dancer, and she was gorgeous. She was inviting guests to dance with her, I took my turn and then she got the wife up, she was enjoying it a lot when suddenly Tony got up to dance but not with the dancer, but with my wife.

He was getting really close and even touching her now and then, you could see some sort of chemistry between them, mainly coming from Tony.When they finished dancing she sat down looking very hot, she told m that whilst dancing Tony had told her that he intended to make love to her before she went home, she had told him not to be silly as she was married. The night carried on with dancing and drinking, my wife was being asked to dance by all there, the Dutch and the Germans couldn't seem to get enough of her.

The next day I went in to Bodrum but Jean stayed by the Pool sunbathing (topless as usual). I got back late afternoon to find Jean in our room asleep but woke when I walked in. She seemed a bit flustered and nervous and I asked her what had she been up to.

It turned out that five Dutch and German men had been playing cards with Tony and a lot of laughter was coming from them. She soon found out why when one came over and offered to put sun cram on for her, he told her that the winner of each hand was to come and oil her body. She thought why not and let him put it on for her, anyway after 5 layers had gone on it seems they had changed the rules and the winner each time was to stay with Jean and chat for 5 mins (obviously staring at her tits and trying to talk there way in to her pants.

This went on for 30mins approx when it was Tony who had to come over, he go straight to the point of saying that this was a good time for him to make love to her. She said no, got up and went to her room which was only 10 yards away. As she was sat on the bed the door opened and in walked Tony, he told that he had just won a hand and so it was him who had first chance to fuck her. Jean said "you mean all them men out there are playing cards for a chance to fuck me" "you got it Jean", by now Tony was on the bed with his arm around Jean who was now very wet. He was fondling her tits whilst kissing her and trying to get his other hand in her pants,she said she was saying no but was too turned on to stop him and he was soon fingering her pussy.

She told me he was soon undressed of his trunks and was licking her pussy which was now sopping and waiting to be fucked., not having to wait long he was soon on her missionary style fucking her hard (bareback) cumming in her after 10 mins of banging.

there was a knock on the door and a big Dutchman stood there saying it was now his turn, but he was not alone all 5 men was there saying this English lady is going to get a gang bang right now. Jean said suddenly she was scared by this but was soon calmed down when a cock went in her mouth and one into her pussy and hands were touching her up all over her body.

She told me that each one of them had fucked and cum inside her and was going to do it again whilst there. I just had to look at her swollen pussy, it was red with spunk seeping out, I got down between her legs and licked and kept licking until I just had to put my cock in there and fuck her, wow it was sensational. I told that if this was going to happen again that I was going to be there to watch and take part.

I must say if you want your wife fucked then take her to Turkey, because yes it did happen again plus Tony had invited his male relatives along as well. Can tell you what happened if you want to know. This year my wife is going back with a female friend (for the sun she says) I think the Sons more likely.