Written by turkeycome

16 May 2009

me and the wife were in turkey on holiday when this happened.she has done some modeling in her days,she is blonde ,5ft 9" tall 33years old and uses a gym 3 times a week, her tits cost me £4500 and her pussy is as smooth as a babys bottom.

we had been there a week when we saw a board offering a massage so the wife decided to have one, i went back to the hotel and she came back about an hour later and told me about it.

she had gone in and was told to undress but leave her panties on ,wrap a little towel around her and get on the table but she stripped naked. she told me that the masseur was a big man in his late 60s mayby older ,he told her to lay face down and when she did he removed the towel and when he saw she was naked he said what a beautiful body she had. he poured oil on her and massaged her back and legs then got her to to turn over and when he saw her big tits and smooth pussy he said wow and poured the oil onto her ,he massaged her front taking longer on her tits and her nipples stood up and when he did her legs ,she opened them to give him a better look at her pussy and as he massaged her legs higher up the back of his hand brushed against her pussy and it turned her on ,she said nothing happened but he had a massive hard on ,she gave him a tip and said she would go for another.

that night i was getting hard thinking about it and said if she goes back see what he would do.

3 days later she went back ,only this time when he massaged her thighs she took his hand , put it onto her pussy and he massaged her to orgasm and she reached into his tunic and took hold of his hard cock ,she told me it was a good 10" long and very thick so she swung her legs off the table so she as sat in front of him with her long legs open and his cock in her hand ,he moved forward,she rubbed his cock on her pussy lips then he pushed the full length in and fucked her. he gave her a few orgasms and when he came he pulled out and sprayed it on her pussy, belly and tits, he was 72 and she said there was enough come to fill an egg cup.