17 Mar 2017

Born from an error, things have turned out very well for my wife and I. I have quite a bit of time at home and subsequently scan the pages of your stories quite regularly, always ensuring my history is erased each time i use my laptop. however a few months back I was called out on a job and did not get back until after my wife had returned. I must have looked guilty but nothing was said until we prepared to go to bed. The she asked how often i had been looking at porn on my laptop. I was silent for a bit and then told her the truth was that I liked reading the stories and found them interesting even though many were not what interested me.

She asked me to show her which stories I did like and told me to get the pages ready for her to read. We got into bed and she pulled back the sheets and took my cock in her fingers. Now I must say, my wife and I have a healthy relationship and have always been open about things so I suppose it made sense that she might be concerned things were not right between us. So as I showed her the pages while I explained what turned me on. Needless to say other men fucking someone's wife was well to the fore as was dogging and exhibitionism which she already knew I was into. As we turned off the lights she said that she wanted to read the stories too so would I leave the laptop running in future so we could share the fun. I was delighted that my not so guilty secret was out and we opened up after that night, discussing various scenarios and giving comments on the probability or otherwise of some of the more dubious tales.

It was a month later and she was going on a trip with a group from our town to a historic house visit with a three night stay in the borders of Wales and the Cotswolds looking at gardens and buildings. I would have gone but was busy at the time so was unavailable. It was summer and the climate was being friendly. The trip involved a train ride and then a local coach firm was transferring between station, hotel and the various sights, so nobody driving meant the party was free to enjoy the sights as well as having a few glasses of what they fancied.

I got a text from Di as they neared their destination that a single guy in the group was being extra friendly. I sent back that perhaps he was reading naughty stories as well. I got a quick reply of three question marks and a purple devil imoji with another question mark. I replied with 'Please do what you feel if you want to, you are a grown up, you know I do not mind as I love you and trust you'. I got a reply, 'thanks that is all I needed to know'.

I heard nothing more until next afternoon when she said they were exhausted from all the travel but had enjoyed all the tour. I asked if she was also knackered from to much activity the night before, sending my favourite purple imoji devil again. My reply was three devil imojis for me which told me she had been a naughty girl. I asked if she was going to be having fun this evening and she said he had invited her to his room and she might turn up. I was in a stew now, just my head concocting all manner of scenarios, so I asked if there was any chance that he might take some pics on her phone, even if it meant telling him I was complicit in their games. She said she would try and would let me know. I asked if he had fucked her well but got no reply, perhaps she was just hanging me on to prevent me bombarding her with questions, so I reasoned that she would inform me in her own time and tried to settle.

I had been in bed for a few hours and was just dozing as it was light early and I was always ready for the day when the sun got up in the summer. The alarm clock showed half past four. I went downstairs to make a cup of tea and noticed two messages on my mobile. I opened it as I poured my tea and to my delight, a naked photo of my wife sucking a generous sized cock popped up on the screen, a further one of her laying naked on a bed with her lovely cunt rather pink and aroused with a shiny sliver oozing from the used lips, I could only fathom that it was spunk and she was a satisfied and rather naughty girl.

The third day of their trip followed and I spoke to her at lunchtime when she informed me she was going to be fucked again by Trevor that night and if I did not mind, she was going to meet him for the odd evening when she got back home. I knew him by sight and was aware he was a widower. So I just sat back with my mind's eye replaying their bedroom antics, very happy that she was enjoying all factions of her visit. Liz said she had got loads to tell me when she returned and would i meet her at the station the next day around two pm and could we give Trevor a lift home instead of him waiting for a taxi. I said I would be happy to do that and suggested she sat in the back with him as if I was a taxi driver. She said 'I suppose you have been reading while I have been away?' (which I had) and then said she was looking forward to a catch up herself after she had told me all about her trip.

I met them early afternoon, Trevor shook my hand and said how delightful he had been with Diane's company and I grinned widely at him and said 'Yes I know' he looked at me in shock in a way, but I smiled and said 'I really do know', he smiled back at me and we set off for his place.

The three nights had been a lot of fun for them both and Diane kissed him goodbye in a very sexy way and said 'See you again soon' On our drive back to our place she said it had been fantastic and Trevor was a very enthusiastic lover and he wanted to meet her that weekend if she could. I reminded her we were due to travel to her sister's place but she said she had already cancelled that with a big grin as she knew I always got bored listening to her sister bragging about all they had done. I grinned as I thought how much better this weekend would be instead.