Written by Sam

12 Apr 2016

Benny came back. Of course, why wouldn’t he? My beautiful slutty wife let him put his dick in her. They fucked again. According to him, he tells me that his thick cock made her cum many times. She says that when he is here.

To be honest, according to Lucy, it wasn’t that great. The effort just wasn’t there on his part. Apparently and it’s her words, he assumes that he can stop trying because he is already inside her. Ah, but little does he know that with a hotwife in heat, she can be cut from the harem in a heartbeat.

What I want to talk about today is something Darcy and I tried. Starting earlier that day, I asked Darcy to tell me about how good Benny’s cock felt. How much better it was then mine. I wanted her to tell me how she could never be satisfied with my average cock and I was no longer going to be allowed to fuck her sweet pussy. Basically, I wanted to experiment with the humiliation aspect of this. It’s not her favourite thing to do, which is why we haven’t done it before.

So after Benny left, I got undressed and knelt in front of her. She slapped my erect cock while telling me how good he fucked her and how I could never compare. She told me how amazing his cock was. She told me her pussy belonged to him and I would never be allowed in. I licked her pussy and tasted his cock on her. I loved it! I have never wanted her as bad as I wanted her in that moment. Probably because she was denying me access. I ate her pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore! Then we fucked. Yes, she gave in.

The problem we have is that none of it is true. I do satisfy her. I do fuck her better than anybody else. I do satisfy her with my average sized cock. It kind of kills the game for us when everything she says simply isn’t true.

So hopefully we can find that lover that actually makes all those things true. We have adopted one thing from that day. Right now, it has been almost a week since I fucked Darcy. She says her pussy is reserved for guys with big cocks who can fuck her well. I fuck her very well but my cock isn’t big enough to gain entry. So far its fun being denied, and very sexy. I have had my mouth on her pussy every chance I get.

It will be interesting to see what happens next time Darcy is around a big cock when she hasn’t had any sex in weeks.