Written by Panty_Fun

2 Nov 2013

This is a story of how i was turned into a cuck. We've been married for 7 years now and over these last few years I've had the urge to see her get fucked by another guy. I'm only small, so the thought of seeing her fucking a bigger cock was a huge turn on.

It all started a few years ago when I first got this idea. I was perving around looking at various sites, and came across pics of guys in panties. This fascinated me and I started to wear my wife's panties. The feminine feeling i got while wearing them was weird but somewhat thrilling. I soon moved onto stockings and tights, I also tried the bra's but they were too small as my wife is small/petite build.

One night during sex, out of the blue, my wife asked 'have you been wearing my panties?' I just froze, not knowing what to say. "I know you have because, you've suddenly started to do the laundry and all my panties are now clean" I was rumbled! I told her the truth, and she started asking me why. I just told her it was a one off thing and not to worry about it. I don't think she believed me!

Nothing more was said and I stopped wearing her panties. About 2 weeks after, we went out for a night out, after getting home quite drunk, we started to make out. We started kissing and she quickly slipped her dress off, while i quickly disposed off my gear. She laid back on the bed and told me to take her panties off. I removed her panties to reveal her beautiful trimmed pussy. "Now put them on, i want to see what you look like in them" Shocked but excited I put on her black thong. "Hmmm she said, you don't look to bad, now come her and lick my pussy" I duly obliged and got to work on her pussy. I worked my tongue on her clit and slid two fingers up her already soaking pussy" She was letting out some deep heavy moans.

After 5 minutes she made me stop and told me to lay on the bed face down. "That thong looks nice on your arse" she commented. " so you like it then?" "Yes, but you still need to be punished for wearing my panties. Wait there and don't move. I lay there as my wife let the room, she came back in 1 minute later. Without warning a felt leather belt right across my arse! "fuck" i shouted. "sshhhh , this is what you get for stealing my panties" I had never seen my wife like this. I was shocked but so fucking turned on it was unbelievable. I laid there, while she rained a few more blows on my arse. It wasn't too hard, just the right force, to make you want more.

She stopped and turned me over to reveal a bulge in her black thong. "you liked that, didn't you? I just nodded. She took my cock out of her panties and started to suck me, while i played with her soaking wet pussy. After about 5 mins, she sensed i was about to shoot my load, so she stopped. She got on top of me and I slid my cock into her soaking wet hole. She took control and started to ride my cock, telling me to cum in her pussy. Well, I didn't last long and in no time i'd shot my load inside her pussy. She climbed off me and told me to take my panties off. I slipped them off and passed them to her. She then put them on herself. I asked her what she was doing. 'You'll see soon' She got up and went downstairs to make a drink and came back about 5mins later still wearing just her panties. She came into the bedroom and took them off, the panties were a mess with both mine and her juices mixed together. 'Now put these back on. I want you to sleep in them and wear them tomorrow all day" I slowly pulled them on, the sticky mess on the thong touching my limp cock. She climbed into bed and we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning i awoke, the panties now stuck to my cock with dry cum. My wife told me. 'Don't to forgot, you have to wear them all day' I got dressed, pulling my jeans over the cum stained, messed up panties. After having breakfast we headed out to the shops. We walked through the shopping center, i was looking around wondering what people would think if they knew what i had on under my jeans. I was starting to feel horny at the thought of this. My wife then headed into a sexy lingerie shop, I followed her in and asked her what she was doing. 'I'm going to buy you your own pair of panties, so that you don't have to wear mine, but your only allowed to wear them, when i say so' Wow this was so horny, here i was with my wife and she's going to buy me some panties. I was liking the idea of her taking control in the situation, it made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing she wanted this too.

We browsed the panties until she pulled out a pair of black crotchless panties with a frilly skirt bit, 'These will be perfect' she said. She took them to the cashier, paid and we left.

Part 2 to follow soon if anyone is interested.