Written by twinshag

5 Mar 2009

A true story which occurred several years ago.

My best mate and I were on holiday n Bodrum, Turkey. We met two lovely twins who lived in Essex and we were from Brighton. They were 24 years old, blonde hair, tall, slim but lovely 34d tits.Lazing around the pool, drinking cocktails, we soon became very friendly. That evening we invited them to our apartment for early drinks before heading off to the bars. They came over dressed in very skimpy outfits, virtually showing all their legs and exposing their lovely tan all over. We got out our duty free, vodka, jack daniels and barcardi. The drinks were been mixed, the music on and we soon started to get very flirty and talked about fantasies and sexual encounters.

We some what separated and i was on the balcony with one of them, chatting away and drinking and got very close and touchy. Clearly turned on, we soon snogged. She put her long tongue down my throat while i massaged and felt her tits and inside thigh. My hand soon moved up to her wet pussy and i started to finger her deep. She was moaning with pleasure. She grabbed my hard cock and too get out and started to suck deep. I wanted to fuck her , so led her to the bedroom. At this stage i noticed the other two had disappeared. upon opening the bedroom door, i saw my mate shagging her doggy style. So i took my girl on the sofa in the lounge, striped her naked and she sat on my hard cock and rode it really fast, i was sucking her nipples at the same time.

I felt her legs go weak and she soon screamed with pleasure as she came, very soon after i shot my load into her.

the other two emerged and we finished our drinks and went to the bars. I wanted to fuck the other twin so we made a plan to swap them over later. We continued drinking, dancing and flirting with both the twins. I started to pay more attention to the other twin and she was responding...

Later that night , we all get back to our apartment and continued to mess about with each other and started to play games.

I notice my mate snogging the my girl and her sister started to respond to my advances. It wasn't long before i was all over her and we ended up in the same bedroom shagging her. She was just as good as her sister, with a lovely shaven pussy.

Next morning we continued shagging them and rested by the pool during the day.

This continued all week.