Written by j jones

6 Dec 2009

I'd been meaning to bring up the fact that i wanted our sex lives to get better for quite some time as it had gone a bit stale and boring; seemed like my wife had been thinking the same thing only she'd taken it a stage further.

I'd been called away for work and wasn't planning on being back that night but the mtg finished earlier than expected so i wasn't going to have stay over as i initially thought. As i pulled round the corner i saw that my wife's car was on the drive but so was another, one i sort of recognised as her boss from her work.

"That's strange" i thought, "don't really know what he'd be doing here at this time of night."

Then it all started to drop into place; she'd been at "work meetings" recently, she's never had them before but since the boss changed they'd become more frequent and seemed to get later and later, whenever i asked her she always said " we had a lot to get through."

It also started to make sense because after these meetings she always seemed keen to have a shower as soon as she came in and i always thought i could smell a hint of aftershave on her.

I stopped the car away from the house and approached the front door with some trepidation; the lights were off downstairs but i could see a faint light flickering from the upstairs bedroom.

I put the key in the lock and quietly turned it so that they wouldn't know i was there; i could hear music coming from the upstairs and the sound of two people having passionate sex; a mixture of anger and excitment gripped me and i didn't know whether to go and look or stay downstairs and confront the pair when they'd finished.

I couldn't wait any more and went upstairs and opened the bedroom door; i saw my wife on all fours with her partner fucking her from behind with a huge 12 inch strap on dildo...............her partner was a woman, her boss's wife..........that's why his car was there but i couldn't take it all in............

"What the hell?" i gasped.

My wife looked round, smiling seductively; "I was wondering if you'd be home tonight," she said, " your boss told me you'd be back so we thought we'd put on a bit of a show for you, then we got carried away."

"But what's going on with Sarah?" i asked.

"Darling, i've been meaning to tell you for ages, i have a liking for women and Sarah's been showing me a thing or two, that's where i've been, not at meetings, fucking and being fucked by Sarah, now come on, join in and fuck me up the ass, i know you've been dying to do that for ages haven't you?"

Didn't need a second invitation.