Written by sue

27 Aug 2016

what happened last week would not have normally happened . my name is sue, I have shoulder length blonde hair ,33 yrs old ,5 ft 6 and bragging would say a fit body ,big firm enhanced tits and shaved smooth pussy,

this night me and the hubby had gone out ,it was hot and he dared me to wear a very skimpy pvc dress , it is red, very short and low the lower part is pleated, also 5" heels ,so I called his bluff and did . we went to a different part of town as normal, I don't think he wanted people we knew to see me. as the night went on I was getting a bit to much attention , we were sat in a working men's bar , he got a bit annoyed started going on about it , then said fuck it lets go home, so I said no I like it here and at that he left. I thought he would come back but 10 mins later he hadn't, I was about to go when these two fat old men came over, I would normally have told them to fuck off , but I didn't. one of them bought me a large g and t , they were sat at my table opposite me but when I got back from the toilet one was sat on my side , as I slid by him he touched my legs. and I still don't know why but after another drink I did not complain when he slid his hand up my thigh , I even parted my thigh so he could touch my pussy through my little lacy panties and when he moved them aside and touched me I nearly came,

last orders came and went ,I tried to order a taxi but was told it would be over an hour ,so when they asked if I fancied a quick drink at their place while I waited I said ok just a drink ,

at their flat ,it was a bit grubby I was sat on the couch ,they went into the kitchen to get us a drink jim the biggest and oldest one 78 was sat next to me and jack the other 73 sat opposite ,jim asked about my dress ,I told him it was a dare and when he said stand up and give us a twirl I did,

the drink must have affected my mind because when he put his hands on the back of my legs and ran them up to my bum I still didn't stop him ,he pulled me down next to him , he started kissing me ,his hand up my dress and when I touched him his cock was rock hard , he whispered that they had both taken some pills called weekenders that basically made then hard for a long time , I unzipped him and took it out ,don't get me wrong it wasn't massive ,a good 7 inches and jack had his out which was about 5 , as we kissed I said lets give jack some thing to wank over I pushed jims trousers down stood up took my panties off and straddled him , I felt him enter me , and as we fucked he pulled my dress down sucking my hard nipples I looked round ,jack was naked ,big and fat with an hard on , he came over and stood on the couch as I sucked him and within about 10 mins we were all in bed naked, me and two big fat old men . I must say though they knew what buttons to press , at one point they were both in me at the same time one in my pussy the other in my bum , I had a lot of orgasms , they both came in me once, even then , they both stayed hard but couldn't come again, I got a text from my taxi saying it would be 10 mins, they had fucked me for 55 minuets 2 fat old men 40+ years older than me , luckily when I got home ,my hubby had passed out in bed , so I washed myself clean of their come, I even had an orgasm doing that, tell you what though if I ever get the chance I might go back to their flat or the pub