5 Jan 2019

I cranked the heating up, my sexy arsed wife was wearing an incredibly short pair of shorts that just covered her perfect pert arse cheeks.

We had previously meet the guy coming up to our house as a foursome and this night he had permission to come to ours and help me spoil my incredibly insatiable horny wife!!

The anticipation was unbearable, the horny thoughts were running away from me, I couldn't wait to share my wife, the thought of watching her take his cock in her hand and watch it stiffing was making me explode inside.

He entered the living room and I couldn't help but notice as he couldn't take his eyes off my wife's arse!!

She was sat there , her amazing boobs stretching against her top. My heart was pumping, the thoughts racing as I watched this guy check out my wife's perfect pert arse.

The music was pumping as she moved across the room, losing herself in the rythem off the beat.

I couldn't control myself any more, I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, making her bend over and kiss me, I was desperate for him to pull her tight little shorts down as I kissed her. I invited him over to help me expose her pert arse.

He didn't need any more encouragement and he didn't need any help to help pull her shorts off.

I struggled to open my trousers and free my throbbing cock. As I put my hand between her legs, I could feel the wetness of my wife as she went with the flow.

My throbbing cock was standing to attention, I was gagging for her to mount me and take my throbbing length.

I could see him holding her hips as she lowered herself on me. I was washed with complete emotion, the feeling of her sliding down on me was over whelming, feeling her tightness take me was orgasmic, then without notice, he pushed her forward, her full breasts where brushing against my chest.

Then without warning I felt him push his hard throbbing cock against her pussy.

Then without resistance, he made her take his rock hard length.

The feeling of him helping me fill her pussy was orgasmic, she took the pair of us and the look of sheer pleasure on her face was pure bliss.

Both of us took turns to make her take our lengths, she lost reality and relished the pair of us inside her.

It seemed to be complete utopia as here she was, sat on my lap as we made her take us both.

Feeling her incredibly tight sweet pussy taking the pair of us was over whelming.

Watching her face as we both enjoyed making her take us.

I couldn't control myself, I needed to free my cock from this total horny situation, I pulled my cock from her, making her get on her knees in front of me.

My throbbing cock standing to attention as she grabbed my hardness.

As she did, I watched him grab her hips tight as he slide his big rock hard cock deep inside.

Her face as he made her take it was incredibly fucking horny, as she settled into a rythem, she took my cock into her mouth.

My wife was bent offer and being spit roasted, watching her bent over and taking us both.

I could see the desperation in everyones face, I couldn't contain myself, watching her between us taking pleasure from us both.

My cock throbbing and waiting to explode, I wanted her pussy as she took his ragging hardness in her mouth. It was time to swap, I needed to watch her take it.

Here she was taking us both, watching her take our cocks I realised that my wife loved two cocks!!

The emotion was mind blowing, it was orgasmic to watch.

The love of my life letting herself go was mind blowing. Sharing her was like nothing I had experienced before, knowing that she was mine, allowing her to have more cock, I can't describe how it felt to share her.

The pair of us couldn't take any more, I pounded her, I needed to cum, I couldn't contain myself, I slide my throbbing length into her incredibly wet tight pussy until I couldn't take anymore.

As my eruption filled my tight balls, I pulled out and covered her arse I'm my hot sticky cum, as she felt it splash all over her, she worked his cock to explosion and made him cum all over himself.