27 Jun 2017

Here goes again ! I will do my best to write it again as near to it was the first time round ! So going back some maybe 17 years when me and the wife used to partake of some regular threesoms with one of our young male friends Steve, who was about 21 - 22 at the time and the wife and I in our late thirties, we used to spend at least one night a weekend having drinks and then getting down to some licking sucking fingering and fucking between myself and Steve and my gorgeous sexy and sometimes Wild wife Ali. Anyway my wife had once or twice over the years confided one of her fantasies to me, that she would like to get double fucked ! But not in the normal DP scenario, she told me that her fantasy was to have two good hard Cocks stuck up her hot Cunt at the same time, so me not wanting to let her down, had a word in steve's ear and telling him what she wanted so it was decided between the three of us that that was exactly what was going to happen on this particular Saturday night/Sunday morning ! So we carried on drinking making us all a bit horny, then myself and our young stud Steve got my wife on the lounge floor, got her naked between us and started to have a bit of a ply around with Ali's tits and Cunt, giving her a good playing with using a sizeable cucumber and a nice large nicely curved banana sticking them up her Hot Wet Cunt and giving her many orgasms as we played with her and she ended up with her pussy dripping ! That was our cue to set to work on giving her fantasy which she read about in an erotic magazine some years earlier and it was now her time. Stevie got on the floor on his back with my wife kneeling over him and hovering over his hardon! Which to mine and the wife's delight he shoved straight up her hot Cunt giving her a taste of things to come, stroking into her pussy with nice firm thrusts, much to her enjoyment and delight, steveie also nibble and bit my wife's gorgeous hard nipples, making her squeal with both pain and pleasure at what was happening ! Then to my wife's surprise ! I got on my knees behind her and joined my young stud friend Stevie by slipping my very hard Cock into Ali's pussy alongside his also very stiff had on giving Ali the double pleasure she had wanted for so long. Not wishing to just come along for the ride, Alison started between gasps and orgamsms telling Stevie to shove his cock right up her to his Balls, and telling me to pull my cock right out til I was just tipping her Velvet Vulva and then to push it right back up her fuck hole as Stevie pulled his cock almost all the way out before banging it back in as hard and as far as he could ! My wife was coming like a fucking train, and screaming out orgasm after orgasm for a good ten to fifteen minutes of double pleasure, until she could stand it no longer and she exploded with a fucking shuddering final orgasm and at that and just on cue Stevie and I both blasted a big load each of hot sticky Spunk into Alison's hot sticky and now well filled Cunt, as she squirted her ejaculate all over our cocks and balls, leaving us all totally spent ! Steve and I withdrew our cocks and leaving my wife lying on the floor with her legs spread wide and her cunt dribbling come and Cunt juice on the carpet till she recovered some composure she and I left Stevie to his thoughts and went to our marital bed where as always after any of our sharing experiences, I got to fuck her hot wet sticky Cunt again filling her with her third load of the session ! Another great session amongst many ! Told again as best I could remember ! Enjoy ?