Written by h.Janus

18 Sep 2011

We'd never really spoken about our true fantasies but after a few bottles of white wine the other night i was surprised how loose my wifes tongue became; she'd sort of hinted that she fancied having sex with more than one man before but it was always done in a jokey way and i never thought she really meant it...........now, it seemed it was quite high on her agenda and given an opportunity she admitted she'd probably take the plunge...........i was wondering if she meant with me involved and so i had to know,

"maybe," she said, " but you could always just watch if you wanted".

"Have you got anyone in mind then?" i asked, not sure what the answer would be.

"Well, there's some builders at work at the minute who look pretty fit and they've been flirting with me, i bet they'd be up for it."

"How would you plan it then?" i asked.

"Easy, just tell them i need some work quoted for at home, they'd be round in a flash!"

So, it was agreed that she'd ask the question.............didn't have to wait long to find out the response.

The door bell rang and she went to answer it, dressed in a summer dress which showed off her cleavage to the best effect; despite her being 54 she still has a pretty good figure and doesn't look her age.

"Morning chaps, " i heard her say, " come in."

I was in the living room and pretended to be reading the paper when they came in, she hadn't told them i was going to be there and i think they were a bit taken aback,obviously expecting something else i thought!

"Don't mind me" i said, " you get on and do what you need to"

"The work i need doing is upstairs, shall we go and have a look?" said my wife.

She went up the stairs first and i could see the guys eyeing her up as she left the room.

The one guy was probably in his early 30's and the other probably 40 ish,both seemed quite keen to get up the stairs as quickly as they could.

I stayed downstairs for a while and could hear the voices coming down the stairs, then it all went a bit quiet........i quietly climbed the stairs and peered through the crack in the bedroom door; my wife was on all fours sucking the younger ones cock whilst the other man was right behind her, he'd pulled her panties to ine side and had her dress lifted over her back, his huge cock was in his hands and i could see him toying with her asshole with the tip of it.......she'd never let me take her up the ass before and i couldn't believe this was happening; slowly he pushed it in, she cried out as it went deeper...........then he was thrustung like there was no tomorrow, the mans cock she was sucking suddenyl pulled it out of her mouth and shot his load full in her face, she was licking it off her face and then wiping it down over her tits..........

Then i woke up.