Written by Colin Francis

20 Jul 2017

My wife Karen and her friend Pam were two naughty girls keen to experiment even though my wife Karen was a bit shy.. They were at the same College in the 1970s. They started to sleep at each others houses on a weekend. Pam used to bring her dads whisky and Karen provided soft drinks to go with it. One night they got tipsy and Pam said do you masturbate Karen? . Karen asked why and said said she knew it was what the lads did . Pam said girls do it as well and its bliddy great so she'll have to show her some time. Karen said why not now, so Pam said ok . Karen had masturbated lots of times but didnt want to say when Pam was keen to do it for her.

They were both tipsy so Pam took her knickers bottoms off and said take yours off and lie back and I'll show you. She put her hand on Karen's fanny and said you can do it yourself if you want, but it’s best when someone else does it for you. Karen said your the expert so show me. Pam started fingering and kissing Karen's little pussy and made her cum in a few minutes. Karen said wow that was the best feeling she's ever had . Pam then wanted Karen to do it to her and Karen was so good at it she made Pam cum in minutes. Pam said you were good at it considering you hadnt done it before. Karen said she'd done it loads of times an giggled. I asked if they'd done anything else and she said we also sucked each others tits .

Pam boasted she also masturbated every day and said she sometimes uses a nice small cucumber as its better than your fingers.

The next sleepover Karen produced a cucumber from dads greenhouse so they masturbated each other with it. After that they had regular wanking sessions, but not just at sleep overs. They used to go in the greenhouse, pluck a cucumber and do it there when it was dark, they also sneaked into the Hut in Pams garden . They sometimes used banana's .Pam encouraged Karen by saying its a lot safer than going out with the boys and ending up pregnant.