Written by ozzie

23 Aug 2007

Hi, my names 'o' and i'd like to share my erotic experience with you all, because i know after reading this you'll definately be coming over your hands.

well it all started about 5 years ago, a girl called 'd' had just started working with me at reception. we were working in a group of four during the day shift. she was blonde with beautiful green eyes with a body to die for. i fancied her for months on end until finally she began to acknowledge me.

we started talking, flirting, touching, kissing. but i didn't have the courage to go any further, until one day i was downstairs in our lodge with her sharing our packed lunch. we started kissing passionately, then i pulled her over to the door, caressing her tits and pussy, before even putting my first finger in her she was so wet. as soon as my finger slipped into her now very wet cunt, i started to undo my zip on my trousers, forcing her small hand to touch my now very hard cock. after a little struggle she finally started to wank me slowly then really hard. by now i knew that it was only a matter of time before i would finally fuck her senseless to orgasms she's never had gone through before today. i took her over to the chair we were sitting on and told her to sit down with her legs up in the air wide apart ready for me to fuck her..... but i wasn't, not just yet anyway.... i told her that i'd like to lick her pussy to taste her juices. she gladly held my head forcing my face into her now very hot tight cunt. after a few minutes i got back up and told her that i'd love to play with her pussy with my cock, she said no please don't trick me, i know you're going to fuck me. i said, no i just want to rub around your cunt to make you cum more.

she agreed eventually to let me touch her cunt with my cock, slowly i began to circle then stop to dip the tip of my head into her very tight cunt hole. by now she knew that i was going to fuck the shit out of her, she knew she wanted it so bad too because she's been teased for the last 20 mins.

i slowly pushed my head into her tight cunt, feeling her juices, and hearing the noises whle i was going in and out at a slow pace, i loved it.

she started panicking telling me not to come inside her, i told her that i wouldn't, after 10 mins of thrusting really hard into her very loose cunt, i pulled out of her, grabbed her by her hair and spunked into her face and blonde hair.

she wasn't happy at all. and said it'll take her ages to get it out of her hair with her comb and towel. this was great news for me because i fucked her three more time senselessly in her pussy and her arse..... but thats another story........

o loves d xx

remembering the good old days and still going strong.