Written by J

23 Jun 2007

Unbelievable, that's the only way to describe what happened the other night.

I had been having an affair with C at work but this finished about 6 months ago as i got sick of her treating me like shit and we never spoke at work during that time. C is gorgeous, size 10 long blond hair and amazing in bed or anywhere else she chose to fuck me. Shame it was over but hey shit happens.

We both have a mutual female friend at work H who is a stunning blond about 10 yrs older than C, H kept on telling me that I should start speaking to C again as she missed me but I refused to budge.

Anyway the other night there was a works do and after about an hour C & H walked into the bar, turning almost every head as they did. I continued to ignore C but H came over and we had a chat. I went to the bar and ordered a drink and C came right up next to me and tried to break the ice, I immediately gave her a right mouthful about the shit way she had treated me when we were together and pointed out a few home truths then left her to think about it.

As the night went on and people drifted off i spent most of the evening talking to H about how we never managed to get it on despite how close we were as friends. at the end of the night it was just me C & H left in the bar and we left to get a cab. We all got in the back with me then H then C in that order.

The two of them began whispering and I turned towards them and said "Don't be rude" their response stunned me "Whispering isn't rude, this is being rude" said H and they both began snogging. C began to play with H's tits and H grabbed my hand and pushed it between C's legs which had by now began to open wide. I pulled her thong to one side and and began rubbing her smooth pussy as she opened her legs even further allowing me to slide 2 fingers inside her.

C began to moan and her & H continued to snog as I moved closer to their faces and joined in. H was by now squeezing and fondling C's tits and I was rubbing her G spot which always drove her wild and I leant forward and began to lick her bald pussy. I could feel H pulling at my jeans as she got my cock out and wanked it. I sat up and pulled my fingers out of C and offerred tehm to H who licked and sucked C's juices off then began to snog me so that I could taste it on her lips and tounge.

I continued to finger C's hole then made her lick my fingers then we all snogged together, the atmostphere was electric and the cab driver must have been loving the show. By now we had reached H's and she gave us both a kiss and hug then got out and we continued on to C's who told me she was sorry for being mean to me. When we got to hers she invited me in, I wasn't sure as I didn't want to start a relationship back up but i paid the cab driver and got out.

Inside the house I know i didn't want to spend the night so I rang another cab while C was on the loo, she left the door open and hearing her piss really excited me. when she finished she walked past the living room and into the kitchen so I walked into the kitchen were we kissed and cuddled. I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out and told her to suck it which she bent over and did. I asked her if she wanted to fuck me and she stood up and said she would have loved to have fucked H then she stuck her tounge in my mouth.

Knowing my cab would be hear soon I turned her around, bent her over the bench and stuck my hard cock right inside her pussy and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could until I shot my spunk inside. she pulled away as we could see the cab pull up outside and as she did my spunk began to drip onto the floor. I went over to her and told her the cab was mine which seemed to piss her off a bit. I kissed her and shoved 2 fingers inside her wet swollen pussy then pulled them out and left.

What an amazing night that I never in a million years thought would have happened to me. The 3 of us have never mentioned it at work and get on like nothing ever happened.