Written by Jess

14 Mar 2018


Hopefully I will keep this short. My name is Jess and up until 6 months ago my life was hell. I was trapped in an awful marriage and felt very low. I had little to no self worth and zero sexual satisfaction.

When I was 21 I got pregnant and was pressured to marry a man I did not love. I knew the marriage would be loveless from day one, but soon I knew it would be abusive. Besides things I won’t go into sex was treated as purely a one way affair. I would give and he would take, there was no mutual enjoyment. It was whatever he wanted he got or else. One of my very few satisfactions was reading some of the stories of strong women enjoying sex on here, so thank you to anyone who has posted.

Anyway, like I said I was in a horrible marriage and felt pretty rubbish. After 12 Years I had more or less given up, I thaught that that was how I would spend my life. Until one day about a year ago.

There I was sat in the salon where I work when a woman walked in a little older than me. I was just finishing lunch break so I said I’d look after her. She was called Kate and she just wanted a basic cut and blow dry so I got to work. We had a nice chat and I learned she was married with a daughter like me. We really seemed to get on well although I did think there was something different about her. We said goodbye and she said she would ask for me next time she came in.

After about 4 weeks she came back and I was in. We had another good chat and I opened up more about my Marriage and the difficulties. She was very sympathetic and kind to me. I felt comfortable talking to her, even more so that most of my friends. Over the next few months I started doing house calls and stopped at her house a few times to do her hair. I met her husband as well, he was a nice guy in his late 30s called James. He seemed very pleasant and we always had a laugh if he was there. We sought of had a regular arrangement and a good aqaintence.

It must have been about spring last year when I went round for my monthly visit. Kate made me a cup of tea and I got set up. For some reason I felt as thow she seemed a bit different this visit but I didn’t know why. After being a little tentative she asked me how are things at home with your husband ? I said as before things were still the same. She then asked how it was in the bedroom and I explained the situation. She said how sorry she was about the situation and explained that her and James have a more liberal view on sex. Explaining how they enjoy doing things outside the marraige and they respect one another. Then bizarrely it hadn’t crossed my mind but she said, if I was ever intrested in joining her and James I would be welcome to. I just said thank you for the offer and kind of made it a joke but I really was surprised.

That night I lay in bed after a completely loveless shagging of my husband and thought about it. I made up my mind.

The next morning I got up, opened my phone and sent her a message, I want to !

Sorry just taking more time than I had thought to tell my story, just need some sleep !

Will hopefully post rest tomorrow with the juicy bits