Written by Robbie

12 Jul 2016

Two observations. First is that 65 is the new 45. Second is that American women are curious, even obsessed with foreskins. Fact – over 85% of Midwest men are circumcised. When you hear American women saying European men are “different”, they are usually not talking about your manners or drinking tea.

Long story I wont bore you with but as a 65 year old originally from Warrington in the UK I find myself living in rural Kansas about 50 miles west of Kansas City. I have lived in the USA for 17 years and have been divorced for that last 3 years. As soon as my divorce was commonly known in our small town, the fun started and within days the first hits. Lori at the post office wrote her phone number on the back of my registered receipt when I went to mail a letter.

Not my type really, she is early 40s divorced, petite, quite plain, and looks like a librarian. But I thought what the hell and I am flattered that as an over 60 I could pull a much younger woman. So two days later we are drinking wine at my kitchen table and telling each other our life stories. Her mousy brown hair is down and the severe librarian look has softened. Wearing a neat strappy summer dress that showed off her small firm breasts, she had some kitten heels that clicked on my wood floor. I love that sound. It didn’t take long before the conversation got to European men. She was giggling as the wine was taking effect and the sexual tension was palpable.

So eventually she blurts out “So are you circumcised … ?”

“I wasn’t the last time I looked” I said, stood up and pretended to look down my pants. Standing up of course showed my already growing cock rising in my pants. Lori was sitting looking straight at my crotch. In the silence, I seized the moment and dropped my pants. “Well check it out for yourself..” I was already commando style so she was immediately faced with my rampant cock close to her face.

She stammered something about not doing this on a first date, but her eyes never left my cock. I was rock hard by now, my foreskin had receded down the shaft and there was clearly pre cum on my bell end. I explained quite matter of factly that it looked like I was circumcised because the skin had pulled back and she needed to pull the skin back and forth.

She wasted no time in grabbing my cock and rolling my foreskin.

Sorry to disappoint you fantasists but I don’t have a 9 inch cock, just a regular 6 inchish normal size but it still had her attention.

So raising the stakes, I told her that when I get this hard I really need to fuck. She said nothing but took my cock in her mouth while holding my balls with one hand and pulling me towards her. She kept pulling the skin forward and trying to get the tip of her tongue underneath. Before long I was holding her head and fucking her mouth long slow strokes. Feeling close to coming, I lifted her from the chair and sat her on the table. There was no resistance as I pushed her back and at the same time lifted her dress. She raised her ass a little so I could pull off her panties and the shoes fell behind me.

I quickly entered her and she was certainly ready. Watching her holding the edge of the table and moaning as I pounded her very wet pussy quickly brought me quickly to a balls deep explosion as I felt her suck me in.

The next month was a complete haze after I told her that it was an English tradition in a new relationship to fuck in every room in the house. Over the hood of my John Deere lawntractor in the garage was particularly memorable, during which time I managed to probe her anal cherry a little but not fully.

To the point….she tells me she is now convinced the foreskin is there for a reason and loves the friction inside her vagina. The thing is I have only seen her completely naked once in a good bedroom session. For me there is always something more erotic with clothes on. Something about lifting a woman’s dress and removing her knickers before laying her or just bending her over for a good fuck.

More if you want, when she brings her friend around to have a look… And when I met the Mormon sisters.