Written by JP

15 May 2007

Reading a couple of recent postings regarding being under a woman's control reminded me of a posting I made in August 2004 regarding my dad's secretary. She had stripped me naked in his office and was slowly wanking me, still fully clothed (no knickers) in standard secretary skirt, stockings and crisp blouse. She wouldn't let me touch her and was in complete control when someone came into the outer office. She left me and went to deal with him, telling me not to move. I lay there in fear of discovery but with a raging erection at my predicament. She returned and carried on, eventually allowing me to let rip, spunk everywhere. She just walked out and left me to clean myself up. We carried on an affair for some years but my subsequent marriage put an end to it.

Occasionally my wife will catch me having an early morning wank and make me do it in front of her whilst she calls me a dirty little wanker and, when I finally shoot my load, she makes me lick it all up. Last weekend I had been working in the garden all day and she was going out with friends. She called me to the conservatory door to say she was off. She looked great in skirt, blouse and high heels - looking very secretarial! I went to kiss her, but she told me I couldn't come in like that and should remove my clothes to put them straight in the washer. I couldn't resist and slowly stripped for her, removing my boxers to expose a raging hard-on. She just said what do you think you are going to do with that you dirty bugger? Before I could say anything, she then said well get on with it then - but slowly....There I was, bollock naked half in and out of the conservatory, in full view of the neighbours, slowly wanking. Whenever I got excited she made me slow down and it seemed to go on forever. Eventually she moved closer and told me that I could come now, but that I must not get any on her. I shot my load all over the place, missing her apart from her shoes which she made me lick clean. She then polished them with her knickers, handed them to me and told me to wait up for her and not to get dressed again!

When she came back in, I half expected her to bring some friends in just to humiliate me further by making me wank in front of them. She didn't, she said, because she wanted me all to herself. But I'm a bit worried now that I have planted an idea in her head! I will let you know what develops.