Written by JP

14 Aug 2008

Its over a year since I last posted about the night I ended up stripping in front of my wife and her sister and spraying cum all over sister in law. It was very erotic, but drink fuelled and sadly nothing had happened since - until last night.

Every year I power wash all the garden paths, patio etc.. Its a very messy job and I usually end up covered in muck from the spray. I try to engineer things so that my wife makes me strip off before coming into the house which invariably leads to me getting a hard on and wanking in front of her - its a sort of cross between exhibitionism, humiliation and basically being a dirty minded bugger!

Anyway, last night I\'m happily spraying the paths and my mind is dwelling on what I hope is to happen next. Soon as I\'ve finished I stick my head round the back door and shout out for her to come and see my handiwork - so to speak. To my surprise, she wanders through with her sister Lisa - each of them with a glass of wine, but by no means pissed this time.

My heart skipped a beat as I wondered how this would go, but before either my wife or I could say anything, Lisa says \"you\'re not going to let him in the house like that are you sis?\" \"Certainly not\" she replied \"come on you, get that lot off and in the washer.\" Here we go again I thought as I slowly undressed in front of them. As I got down to my boxers, I\'m sure Lisa licked her lips. Then I lowered them over my rampant cock, looked her in the eye and began to stroke him - long slow strokes back and forward. I could feel the tension rising - and not just in my cock. \"Oh fuck this\" says Lisa \"I\'m not going to let that go to waste.\" Next minute she had me pinned to the kitchen table, mounted me and proceeded to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

I managed to get her tits out and they bounced up and down as she rode me for all she was worth. I could see my wife playing with herself as she watched and I really struggled to stop myself cumming as Lisa rampaged above me. It was clear she hadn\'t had sex for a while and she just needed a good shagging. Her cunt was sopping wet as she ground her groin into me and I could tell that she was near as she started to groan and tell me to shag her harder. So I thrust back at her as hard as she was riding me and she soon came with a loud scream as she collapsed on top of me.

I still hadn\'t cum, so I struggled out from underneath her, bent my wife over the table and drove my cock up her. She came almost straight away after playing with herself as I shagged Lisa and I followed her a few moments later- letting out a bellow as a massive orgasm hit me. I had to confess that it was the best sex I had ever had and the girls admitted it was a real turn on and that we had to do it again - regularly.

So no more embarrassment - unlike last time - and I can look forward to regular threesomes with my wife and her rampant sister Lisa.