Written by Lazy Bob

5 Jan 2012

I was sitting in my kitchen one Friday morning, 4 months ago, when my mother-in-law dropped round. I work Sunday to Thursday in my job. My Mrs had just taken our 9-month-old twins to her Mother & Baby group and to be frank, I was relieved. Since the kids were born, my wife has been pretty down and no matter what I do I can seem to brighten up her situation. Her M&B group seems to be the only light since the birth. It was getting me down too.

I had just cleared up the breakfast things and was sitting having a cup of tea when Liz, my wife’s mother, knocked on the back door and came in. I’ll join you, if that’s ok, she said. Fine, said I, help yourself. She poured herself a mug put the milk away and sat down next to me. You look fed up, she said and I stared at my tea and nodded in agreement. ‘Come on, tell Liz what’s up’, she ventured and I said ‘Oh, nothing, nothing different anyway’. She asked me to go on, so I explained that since the babies were born, her daughter/my wife, Kim, was depressed and I was trying my best but getting nowhere. I continued to say I knew it wasn’t Kim’s fault but I was feeling far from loved by her and miles from being intimate.

Liz listened to me go on and sympathised with me. She put her hand on my shoulder and asked me if I still loved Kim. I said, of course, but it was hard when I get so frustrated. Again she asked me to expand on my comment and so I did. I skirted round the word sex but managed to say that I was now sexually frustrated and that Kim and I hadn’t ‘loved’ each other since the twins arrived and that at the moment Kim couldn’t actually bear to touch me. I even told Liz I had started wearing pyjamas to bed as the atmosphere was so cold up there.

Liz said that she knew what Kim was going through as she had had the ‘baby blues’ when Kim was born. She said that Arthur, my father-in-law and her husband, had got frustrated too but her mum had sorted him out in the short-term. It was my turn to ask for an explanation now, so I asked Liz what she meant by sorting out? Liz explained that if Arthur hadn’t been able to release his pent up frustration he may have gone into depression himself and then things would have been really bad with both of them spiralling into despondency. She said her mum had been there for Arthur and she had talked to him and helped him through the tough times until Liz was her happy self again. In fact, she said, mum cheered Arthur up so much it helped Liz recover from the blues too.

Well, what could your mum say to cheer him up?, I asked. She said, ‘Tender words with well-meaning, tender actions, seemed to do the trick’. ‘I'll look forward to it’, I said and looked straight at her. She smiled, and I could see that she smiled in exactly the same way as my wife. They were very similar; same height, same hair and same eye colour, just their age was different, with Liz being 24 years Kim’s senior and therefore 20 years older than me. ‘Well’, she said, ‘that’s really why I have come round today, to cheer you up.’ She said she was worried about us and didn’t want Kim’s blues to be our downfall and she was hoping she could help. She said she felt she had to come round and help me find some relief from the tension I was feeling. She then offered to massage me to see if that would help in any way.

We discussed it a bit more and she persuaded me it was a good idea and that we should start there and then as she didn’t want to waste any more time thinking about it. She insisted we go upstairs to the spare room where there is a single bed. She said it would be fine and that for a decent massage I should strip to my boxers and lie face down on top of the bed. I undressed carefully, folding all my clothes, not wanting Liz to think I normally just dump them in a heap, and lay face down with my head on the pillow. Liz started at my shoulders and squeezed and rubbed them with a smooth action. I lay there thinking she was pretty good at this. She continued down to the small of my back and firmly kneaded the muscles there but also working on my kidneys.

Is that good?, she asked and I was happy to confirm. I said it was definitely relaxing me, and she smiled at me. She moved to my feet and methodically worked up my body until she was working my hams just below my buttocks. She then stopped and asked me to turn over so she could do my front. Of course, I just flipped over naturally and she lay her hands on my thigh. ‘Actually, I’m a bit warm’ she said, Do you mind if I loosen off a bit of clothing? ‘Sure’ said I. However, to my surprise she actually undid and removed her blouse and took her shoes off. She was going to massage me in just her bra and the regular blue jeans she was so fond of wearing.

So she got to work on my thighs and I could do nothing but look at her tits. Not bad tits either, encased in their lace trimmed Marks & Spencer bra. She moved from my thighs to my shoulders, one of her hands on each of my arms and looked me in the eyes. ‘You are really tense, aren’t you?, she asked. ‘Yes, I suppose I am’, I replied, and her left hand moved down across my body to the waistband of my boxers. She slipped her index finger under the elastic and said she new I was frustrated and was worried she might be making me worse. I said,,’Frankly, I’m enjoying the attention that I haven’t been getting for some time’. 'Mmmmm', she said. She was now looking at my crotch and I must admit it had begun to stir. She could see that I was bigger than before although not actually hard. ‘Its big’ she said. ‘It gets bigger’ I said. ‘Really’ she said, ‘lets see.

Liz put her hand on my cock outside my boxers and rubbed me through the material. I gave out a low moan. ‘Impressive’ she said, ‘I see why Kim married you’ My cock was firming up and was straining under the fabric. She rubbed me some more and my bell end started poking up beyond the broad waistband. She mumbled that they had better come off and as she pulled down my shorts I raised my bum to help her.

I knew I should feel guilty so I said to Liz, ‘You can’t, what will Kim say?’ but Liz reassured me that she wouldn’t tell and if Kim ever found out she would explain it all in full. She put one hand on my balls and began to stroke my cock up and down as if to close the conversation. She said she felt she had to relieve my tension and that it would be best for everyone all round if I would let her. I couldn’t fault her logic. She continued to stroke me with long, slow up and down movements, each time getting my foreskin pulled right back before returning it to the top. A drop of pre-cum helped lubricate her action and I was getting very, very hard. I hadn’t been this hard for over a year and I think she could feel it.

She lowered her head to be closer to my cock and I could feel her warm breath on my pubes. She massaged my balls at the same time whilst continuing to wank me very well indeed. She kissed my stomach and then my nipple, still keeping up her rhythm. I could feel her bra pushing into my side and I sure her nipples were hard and erect. Almost without thinking, my hand reached up and squeezed her right tit. I was right her nipple was erect, so I slipped my finger under the material to arouse her more. ‘Nice’ she said, ‘very nice’ ‘ Feel what ever you want, get all that tension out’ I put my left hand on her tit and put my right on her bum, still in her jeans. I pulled her closer and raised my right hand and released the fastener on her bra. Her boobs fell free and she wriggled out of her bra, which dropped to the floor. Her tits are smaller than Kim’s and not as firm but I enjoyed the feeling of smooth flesh in my fingers.

‘You can have whatever you want’, Liz whispered, ‘I’m doing this for you both’ ‘Whatever will release your frustration will be fine me’ This encouragement was what I needed to banish the guilt. I slipped my hand between her thighs and could feel how hot she was. I reached for the button and zip on her jeans but with one hand I wasn’t very skilful. Liz stopped and stood up. ‘Is this what you want? she said, as she pulled down her jeans and her white M&S knickers to reveal her pussy, covered with blonde pubic hair. ‘Yes, please’, I said.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled me with her knees. Her pussy was just inches from my cock, which was as hard as anything and her lovely white tits were before me. She put one hand either side of my head and lent down and nuzzled into my neck. Her tits were rubbing my chest and her nipples were catching what few hairs I have there. I reached down between my legs and started to rub her pussy with my knob. She adjusted herself with a shimmy to make sure I was in the right spot for her and I raised my arse to poke her in the love hole. Slowly, she lowered herself down on me and her hot and very wet pussy took me all in. I lowered myself back down and she followed me with a grinding action that was designed to make her clitoris have maximum contact with my pubic bone.

I kissed her neck and she started to slip up and down my body. She was making bodily contact all over me. She was in my neck; her tits were on my chest; her clitoris was rubbing up and down my pubes; my cock was sliding in and out of her cunt and even her legs were touching mine. She took my hands in hers and raised them above my head next to the pillow so all her movement was coming from her flexing her knees and elbows. Kim never fucked me like this.

The all over sensation was brilliant and she started to whisper in my ear. ‘Cum inside me, cum inside me. Release it all into me. Come on, fill me up. Let me take it from you’. It was very horny and arousing. I couldn’t hold back any longer and it felt like I was exploding in her. I thrust up into her, again and again, as my hot cum spurted from my cock. I must have had 5 or 6 shots before I was finished.

Liz lay on top of me as I relaxed. Her body was warm and comforting and I felt that at least some of my tension had eased. She rolled off me and stood up next to me. I looked up at her feeling spent. She looked down at me saying she hoped she had helped release some of the frustration. I replied that she had. Then she went to the bathroom and tidied herself up and I got dressed and returned to the kitchen. Shortly after Liz joined me. She said we should keep this between ourselves for the moment as Kim and Arthur didn’t need to know. I agreed. She said she didn’t want me to get tensed up like I was again and that she would come round next Friday to see how things were.

That was all 4 months ago now and my mother-in-law Liz has been round every Friday since. On 13 occasions she has helped me ‘release the tension’ and I am very grateful to her. Kim still doesn’t know but she is much happier now. She seems to be getting over the blues after all. The twins have had their first birthday and Liz and I have agreed that the Friday visits are no longer needed. Liz kindly spoke to Kim to remind her of my sexual needs and Kim and I are getting back to normal in the bedroom. So now I don’t need to turn to my mother in law for that release of tension that I was missing for so long.