Written by Yorkcock

19 Sep 2014

My wife loves sex. Lucky for her I do too, but it does not end there. I also adore her giving herself to another guy. Call me odd if you like but I overcame the fears and trepidation of possible rejection after she had been fucked for longer by larger cocks or had extensive sex time on the end of a superstud's tool.

My reason? simple really, I had my roaming days and when we settled down and discussed our fantasies and desires, I pointed out that I harboured the well publicised urge to witness her shagging with another man and had no desire to undermine our love by doing anything behind her back. I think my blunt honesty won the day and she agreed that she would fuck other guys 'for me' I said I did not want that to be the sole reason and that I wanted her to want cock for the fun of sex with another guy. It took a while for it to sink in, but eventually she understood the haphazard logic I was at pains to explain. I did not mind her having a regular lover, I had no qualms with them having time alone. I did not mind if she had three guys in a week, as long as she enjoyed it.

We have met with successes and failures like anyone, disappointments and poor choices of partner also gave us a few blank dates but they pale into the background when things go right. She is out as I write, her lover is meeting her in York and they will go to a few bars like lovers and he has booked a room in a hotel for them to retire for the night. I remain at home and await some indication of their progress.

I got a call at ten from a bar but could not hear for background noise, a follow up text said they were on the riverside and he had just slipped her thong off and had fingered her as they kissed near a lamppost where they could be seen. My next communication was a picture of the happy pair outside the hotel and then one of the room followed by a shot of her discarded clothes and then one of her naked, reclining on the bed, her nipples hard and her pussy looking gorgeous. I got one of her sucking his cock and then an hour later a cream pie of her now reddened lips oozing spunk from her used hole.

Two hours later I was in bed when my mobile lit up the room and I was treated to a sight which made my cock stir into life instantly, her arse was filling the screen with a load of cum around the rim, she had been arse fucked. It was mid morning when she returned having enjoyed spunk in each hole and her lover had gone back to his wife completely knackered. A blow job was my reward interspersed with a description of the interesting parts of her night out, (not the boring bits about drinking)

So life for over fifties is still as exiting as when I was a teenager, but blessed with a lot more experience and less leaning to being impetuous or impatient, sex is far more enjoyable and varied than in my younger days. A great thing about experience is that we can all enjoy it and be fulfilled with sexual matters for a lot longer than I ever expected. Like most youngsters I thought sex was just for the younger folk, not possible beyond the age of thirty. Smile kids and look forward to a lifetime of experimenting and sexual liberty, take care, take your time and enjoy safely.

There is a whole world of weird and wonderful things sexual, just don't push your partner, things can be achieved by honesty and integrity