Written by New cuck.

7 Sep 2012

Hi, I'm Mike and I've read and enjoyed stories on here for years but never thought I would actually have my own experience worth sharing until earlier this week, here's how it happened. A bit about us I've been with my wife Karen for about 30 years, married for most of that time, two kids both grown up and flown the nest, we're both early fifties I guess I'm mr average in every way, but Karen is far from average she's very attractive with great legs and ample breasts, she still turns heads when she's dressed up and out. We've always had a good sex life watching a bit of porn and using toys just keeping things fresh, Karen always gets turned on when we watch a movie where there's a woman having sex with two guys, sensing this I've broached the subject of introducing another guy on a few occasions but she always dismissed it as belonging in a fantasy.

In my younger days I used to be very active and played a lot of sport, through this I met a guy called Dave, he was a right jack the lad and always had different women on the go, hardly surprising because he had a seriously big cock and proportionate balls to match, the lads in the footy team called him Davy long cock! We were great friends and eventually Dave moved to oz settled down and married, he had a couple of kids and we always kept in touch, sadly a year ago Dave lost his mrs through illness. A couple of months ago he contacted me to say he was coming to Europe with work and that he was going to come to the UK for a few days to visit his sister in Scotland and could he visit and stay for a couple of days with us, of course I said yes and looked forward to seeing him.

Dave arrived last weekend and got settled in, looks wise he had hardly changed he'd just got greyer, put on a couple of pounds and had a great tan! On the second night me, Karen and Dave went out for a meal and a few drinks, Karen looked great as usual with her lovely blond hair and a long summer maxi dress on, we had a great night and all got a bit pissed, we got back at about midnight and settled down on the large corner sofa we've got in our lounge opened another bottle of wine and put the telly on, I was flicking through the channels and arrived at one of those soft core porn movies were you see a bit of cock and fanny but no real action, as one of the male actors stood there full frontal Karen came out with "Huh he's not much of a porn star, not like you Dave!" biting her lip and scrunching her shoulders she looked away blushing, "And what do mean by that young lady?" Dave replied in a joking angry voice, "I think I'll get us another bottle" she said, scurrying off to the kitchen, we laughed loudly, "av I to ask her if she wants to see it?" he said, "Oh yea" I said laughing out loud again. Karen returned, Dave said "So, what did you mean Karen?" she said "I just meant you know I heard the talk when we were young about you having a big thingy, and Mike said it was true" she giggled, "So would you like to see for yourself?" he said, "No, no" she replied, we all laughed and we teased her calling her a coward and saying she daren't, obviously full of dutch courage she said "go on then" and immediately looked at me for approval, I smiled and winked, Dave said "You'll have to get it out though" she knelt on the floor in front of him and reached out and started to undo his trousers, when she had he raised his backside as if inviting her to pull them down, she did along with his boxers to below his knees, as he sat back down there was his cock starting to grow, already bigger and thicker than my 6" even in it's lazy state, "bloody hell" she said, "You'll have to wake it up to see it at it's best" he said, again she looked to me, I raised my eyebrows, as the atmosphere thickened my cock was rock hard, she reached out and wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to wank it hard, "Suck it babe" I said, without hesitation she leant forward and started sucking the big purple head and licking the throbbing veiny shaft. By now my trousers were off and after a few minutes of watching her I said "Hey what about me?" she moved across and started sucking my cock, I reached down her back pulling her dress up over her waist exposing her lovely arse and little briefs, I looked at Dave and nodded in the direction of Karen's arse, he moved off the sofa and knelt behind her stroking her arse cheeks, he looked at me, I nodded and he took hold of the waistband of her briefs and eased them down, she offered no resistance, he was rubbing her slit from behind she moaned a little as she was sucking me and Dave mouthed "Wet through" to me, I nodded, Dave positioned himself behind her and both his hands disappeared down below the top of her arse, I knew he was going to penetrate her, as she felt the bulbous head of his cock parting her vagina she seemed a little startled and leant into me, I put a hand on each shoulder and pushed her back as Dave pushed into her, she screwed her face up and took a few deep breaths until he was fully in her, he withdrew and pushed back and so started a fucking motion, after a couple of minutes of getting more vigorous she came loudly pushing back and almost sitting on his knees. When she'd composed herself she said "Ooh can I lay on there, my knees hurt", I moved aside and she pulled off Dave and laid across the sofa, as she lay back I pulled her dress totally over her head and unclipped her bra and removed it, she allowed her legs to fall apart, her cunt was wet and glistening, Dave was stood at the side letting her get comfy his erection stuck out, it looked about nine inches and very thick, it glistened with my wifes juices, together we took our positions, me at her head, offering her my cock which she took in her mouth, but my eyes were on Dave's cock, unlike before I knew it was up her but I couldn't see, now I could, Dave took Karen's left ankle and pinned it to the back of the sofa at the top, he took his cock in his right hand and nudged his throbbing helmet at Karen's wet slit gently moving back and forth until he'd parted her flaps he eased his thick shaft into her and started to fuck her, taking her by her other ankle and holding her legs as wide as they would go, now for those who have witnessed similar you'll know what a mix of emotions you feel, jealousy suppressed by lust is probably the best description, seeing my once innocent wife laid naked with my friends large cock inside her most intimate place was, well weird. As Dave's pumping got quicker I sensed he was close to climax, his hands slid behind her knees pushing them down onto the cushions of the sofa her sex fully spread him on his toes in the press up position pushing his loins forward for maximum penetration all the time she's eating my cock as Dave gives out a aaargh, and continues to grunt for what seems like hours but was probably about ten seconds holding her pinned down with his cock balls deep, I could see the base of his cock pulsing as he came, Karens face was screwed up and her eyes closed tight, she looked almost in pain as he deposited his seed, I thought there was my wife with another mans sperm swimming around her unprotected womb, not that pregnancy was an issue, but again it just seemed like a weird thing. He flopped onto her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and gave out an approving mmmmmm, Dave knelt up withdrawing his now softening but still substantial cock from Karen's pussy, as his helmet flopped out a thick almost yoghurty stream ran down the crack of her arse, we swapped around and Dave caressed and kissed Karen's tits as I knelt between her thighs, I looked down her hole looked open and raw, I positioned my cock and pushed in, it was warm, wet and very loose, I came almost instantly adding to her creampie and collapsed on top of her. After a few minutes she got up and as if a little bashful, gathered her clothes up and attempted to cover herself as she made for the stairs, "night night boys" she said as she weaved away. When I went up she was fast asleep, we didn't rise until nearly lunchtime, when we did Dave was all sorted to be off, we said our goodbyes, Karen pecked him politely on each cheek, he said how great it had been to see us and that he'd keep in touch and then left. Karen flopped onto the sofa looking a bit quite, "Are you ok love" I enquired, "yea" she replied, I said "Do you regret it?" as quick as lightening she said "Do you?" I replied "No it was fantastic", she said "neither do I, but he has got a fucking massive cock!"