Written by billyBJ

7 Jul 2014

This is a story that happened about 2 years ago , I was working in Perth Australia. After my long flight into Perth I arrived at my hotel in the early hours of the morning , after struggling with my jet lag I managed only 1 hours sleep.

I had a hot shower and went to meet my business colleague the day went well by by the afternoon I was flagging , a couple if drinks did the trick by I told my friend I had to get some sleep.

Back in my hotel room I watched some TV and then fell asleep , I woke up thinking I had been sleeping for a long time but it was only 3 hours.

I freshened my self up and went for a walk down Murray street , it was about 9pm ish and I saw some lights which I thought was a bar but it was a adult sex cinema , I climbed the stairs and paid my money and entered the main cinema showing group sex porn on the big screen , there was about 7 guys and a couple of girls in the cinema.

Once my eyes got used to the dark I could see a door close to the movie screen for the toilets, I went for a quick slash and a look about then made my way back into the cinema , where I had been sitting was a middle aged guy I walked passed him and sat in the row behind him.

I watched the movie for for about 20 mins , there was plenty of cock - crotch rubbing , I looked at the guy in front of me and he had cock out slowly wanking . I was getting a bit horny and hard so I got my cock out to enjoy the movie see what was going to happen next , but nothing did ....so I went to the toilet hoping someone was going to follow I had my piss and then the guy who was infront of me arrived he brushed passed me , I washed my hands in the small sink and out of the corner of my eye I could see him wanking his cock.

I rubbed my cock through my jeans and with one eye on the cinema door I got my cock out and started wanking with him , this was his signal to move closer and to touch my cock he continued to wank me for a few seconds then he got on his knees and took my bell-end into his mouth .....fuck me it felt good , then he continued giving me an excellent blow job , taking me all into his throat , I had to stop him I wanted to share the fun he got up and I went on my knees and went straight in for the full deep suck , he put his hand on the back of my head and started mouth fucking me , then the cinema door opened so I quickly jumped up and he went into the toilet cubicle and closed the door.

I sorted myself out and quickly made my way back into the cinema, and sat on the top back row against the wall , after about 5 mins my sucker came up saw me and sat down a couple of seat away from me.

There was more people in the cinema and there was more male action , I got my cock out because I was ready to blow I was enjoying my wank in the cinema darkness when my new friend moved next to me and moved his hand to my cock and wanked me , but he wasn't happy with a wank he then knelt to the side of me and started sucking my cock , his head was bobbing up and down I had a few men look around but I didn't care I was getting to the point of no return.

After a few more deep sucks I said to him I'm going to come but he carried on sucking and then with a whoosh of pleasure I started cumming in his mouth and from the mmmmms he was saying he was enjoying it .

He sucked me dry and he then sat down and said thanks and in a flash he left .

I had to compose myself and then left with my head still spinning , I left the cinema and went for a beer in a local bar.

I stayed a few more nights in Perth , I went back to the cinema and had a bit of fun but nothing was as good as my first night.