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Unexpected bi wife

"Good happens to those who wait"

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Both myself and wife have had a decent sex life through our 35 years of marriage but for a while I have tried to get her to partake in a 3sum with another female but she has always dismissed this. She does love to taste herself when we are making love and I always tell her that she would enjoy another woman and she agrees but that's in the throws of our sex sessions.

Anyway back in the summer she told me that she was going out with a couple of the girls who she volunteers with at the local charity shop and would be back later on. We said our goodbyes and she left me to watching the TV as she went out the door. A little while later she text and said she would be much later than anticipated and not to wait up. I went off to bed around 11pm and thought nothing more until as I was trying to drop off to sleep I heard the door go and realised there was another voice as well as my wifes. I recognised it as Lucy who was the Manager of the charity shop who I always thought was an attractive lady. She was well kept and decent body and looks for her age of 67. I assumed that she had come back with Deb to call a taxi from here to head home.

Anyway I turned over in bed and settled down to fall asleep. I awoke with the feeling that I had slept well but when I looked at the clock I had only slept for an hour. Deb wasn't in bed and i was pissed off that i hadn't slept and decided to go downstairs to have a drink as it was only approximately 12.30am. As I went down the stairs I heard Deb and Lucy's voices again and thought hasn't she gone yet. I arrived at the living room door and as I was about to open it I heard Deb say " undo the buttons so I can take it off". I kept still and listened and again I heard Lucy say " Oh that feels so nice squeeze them gently". My mind was racing now and I was trying to imagine what was going on behind the door and just kept listening in to the sounds. It was obvious that my wife and Lucy were getting it on big style and I needed to see it.

I held the door handle and turned it slowly and pushed the door open to be confronted by a sight of my wife and this woman kneeling next to each other topless and feeling each others breasts. They were so engrossed in each other that they didn't notice me at first but then Deb saw me and said " this is your idea so thought I would try so either leave or watch it's up to you". At that I settled into the armchair and began to watch. Lucy sat on the floor and removed her skirt and panties and Deb removed her jeans before she lay back and Lucy moved between her thighs and lowered her head to take her tongue to Debs pussy. She licked her tongue along the length of my wifes pussy slit and I could see that Deb was wet from the glistening of her pussy lips. I looked at her face and she had her head back and eyes closed and let out a small moan. Lucy continued to eat her pussy and also moved a finger to Debs ass and stroked around it making her moan even more. A few more minutes of this and I could see that Deb was getting close to cumming as her body had begun to tense and buck up slightly and Lucy held her thighs as she lapped away between her legs. A couple of more minutes and Deb screamed " Oh my god don't stop" and let out a long and very loud moan as she had one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever seen her have.

Lucy brought her head up and I could see the juices of my wife all around her face and she moved up Debs body to face her and she leant in and kissed her and I saw my wife return the kiss and she began to lick around Lucy's mouth to taste her own juices. Lucy then moved to kneel and straddled over Debs face and offered her pussy to her which she great fully received and she began to lick. I couldn't believe that my wife was actually licking out another woman when all these years she had dismissed the idea. Lucy was grinding her hips now as she moved her pussy back and forth over Debs face.

This was getting all too much for me as by now I had my cock in hand wanking just watching them both enjoy each others bodies.

I heard Lucy start to moan as she approached climax and I watched as she writhed back and forth over my wifes face and then let out a longer moan as she came long and hard. I at that point spurted a load of cum over my hand as i too couldnt hold out any longer. When completely satisfied she rolled off and they both lay side by side just breathing heavy and holding hands.

Once they had fully recovered which gave me time to clean myself up we all just sat there with the both of them still naked and talked about the experience. My wife said it just happened that Lucy and her had hit it off and she was only coming back to the house to call a cab as I suspected but they talked and one thing led to another.

Nothing has happened since that day but my wife hasn't ruled out other bi experiences.

Written by surt

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